How is led display divided?
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By primary color
By primary color1) Monochrome - there is only one color of the luminous pixels of the LED display screen, generally red or greenThe cost of blue LED is relatively high, and it is generally only used for making full-color screen.
monochrome LED is generally only used for making full-color screen due to its poor performanceUsed to display text.

How is led display divided?

the2) Dual primary colors - the light-emitting pixels of LED display screen are red and green.
it depends on the color of red and greenThe combination of different gray levels can display a variety of colors.
although the dual primary color screen can not achieve the full-color display effect.
the dual primary color screen can display a variety of colorsHowever, due to its high performance and price, it has been widely used.
it can display text, pictures, animations and videos
frequency image3) Full color - the light-emitting pixels of LED display screen are red, green and blueThe combination of different gray levels of color can better return the color of nature, which has rich expressive powerAs the price of blue chip drops, the production of full-color screen becomes more and more popularWith the continuous reduction of the cost, it will become the development direction of LED display screen.
the development trend of LED display screen will be led display screenBy control mode1) Bar screen - the bar screen is controlled by a single chip microcomputer.
it is mainly used for text display, and can work independently and remotelyThe controller can input information and also communicate with the computer to receive the information from the computerThe screen is usually made into strips, so it is called strip screen2) Graphic screen the graphic screen is controlled by single chip microcomputer.
generally, there is no gray control, that is, there is only one bright pixelDegree level, through the luminous point of light or off group or graphic display, dual primary color graphic screen can display red, green and yellowThe picture and text screen communicates with the computer.
receives the information from the computer,Generally, asynchronous communication is adoptedOne computer can control several picture and text screens.
picture and text screens can work offline.
display the last received displayInformation3) Video screen - video screen refers to the mapping relationship between LED screen and the display of the control computer.
the video screen has gray control and displays synchronously with the computer display, so it can play animation and VCDWith a dedicated multimedia card, it can play video signals and has rich expressive power.
the video screen can not be separatedGenerally, one computer controls one video screen.
the computer worksBy use environment1) Indoor indoor screen refers to the LED screen used in indoor environment.
due to the short viewing distance, the area of indoor screen is smaller than that of outdoor screenIt is much smaller, so the pixels are also smaller. The pixel specifications of the indoor screen mainly include Ф 3、 Ф three point seven five Ф 5 and p6P7.62、P10.
2) Semi outdoor - between the indoor screen and the outdoor screen.
the brightness requirement is higher than that of the indoor screen, and it is not waterproof, so it is generally suitable for indoor useThe viewing distance is generally 5m-150m at the entrance of shops, hotels, companies or places where there is no rainThere are P10, p12.5 and p163) Outdoor - outdoor screen refers to LED display screen used in outdoor environment, which requires high brightness, and generally adopts concentrator sealIn order to get brightness, we sacrifice the angle of view; In terms of structural design, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion measures should be considered; roomGenerally, the area of the external screen is large, so the pixels are also large.
the pixel specifications of the outdoor screen mainly include P10, p12P16, P20, P26, P30, P10, etc.
LED display screen.
is now a very popular nixie tube display,I'm sure you've heard of diode. It has two states of on-off, which can realize digital control.
there are two kinds of common cathode and common anode.
the common cathode is the common grounding of cathode, which lights up when 1 is given, and the anode is the common positive voltage, which lights up when 0 is given.
in addition, there are two ways to realize the lighting of LED.
one is static display, One is dynamic scanning.
static scanning is said as above.
this method consumes a lot of resources and requires many I / O interfaces.
dynamic scanning is much more complicated.
if you want to understand, I can also tell you.
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