What is the performance of LED electronic screen?
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Super bright red a1gaaled and GaAsP gap
Compared with GaAsP gap led, ultra-high brightness red a1gaaled has higher luminous efficiency, and the lumen efficiency of transparent low contrast (TS) A1GaAs LED (640nm) is close to 10lm / W, which is 10 times larger than red GaAsP gap led.

What is the performance of LED electronic screen?

the colors provided by ultra-high brightness InGaAlP LED are the same as GaAsP gap led, including green yellow (560nm), light green yellow (570nm), yellow (585nm), light yellow (590nm), orange (605nm), and yellow (590nm) Compared with other LED structures and incandescent light sources,
the luminescent efficiency of algaalp led on transparent substrate is 101m / w on absorption substrate (as) and 201m / w on transparent substrate (TS), which is 10-20 times higher than that of GaAsP gap led in the wavelength range of 590-626nm; In the wavelength range of 560-570, it is 2-4 times higher than GaAsP gap led.
ultra high brightness InGaN LED provides blue and green light.
its wavelength range is 450-480nm for blue, 500nm for blue and 520nm for green; Its lumen efficiency is 3-151m / W.
the lumen efficiency of ultra-high brightness LED has exceeded that of incandescent lamp with filter.
it can replace incandescent lamp with power less than 1W, and LED array can replace incandescent lamp with power less than 150W.
for many applications,
incandescent lamp uses filter to get red, orange, green and blue, However, the same color can be obtained by using ultra-high brightness LED.
the color of LED is the same as that of LEDThe ultra-high brightness LED made of AlGaInP and InGaN materials combines multiple (red, blue and green) ultra-high brightness LED chips.
various colors can be obtained without filters.
including red, orange, yellow, green and blue.
its luminous efficiency has exceeded that of incandescent lamps, and the forward fluorescent lamps are close to that of incandescent lamps.
the luminous brightness has exceeded 1000mcd.
it can meet the needs of outdoor all-weather and full-color display, The sky and ocean can be represented by LED color large screen, and 3D animation can be realized.
the new generation of red, green and blue ultra high brightness LED has achieved unprecedented performance.
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they are widely used in TV live broadcasting rooms, stock exchanges, transportation, medical and health care, stadiums and gymnasiums Factory and other fields.
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and so on
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