What is the difference between LED display and other displays?
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I think you are familiar with CRT. There are many color TVs in the past. Its display uses three electron guns to send three beams of electrons to hit the screen according to the excitation signal. The electron scanning is relatively fast. After the phosphor is hit by the electrons, it will emit light and delay for a while (this time is also very short), In addition, the human eye's visual persistence effect and the human eye's resolution are limited (very close points and colors will mix together), and the whole screen will be a whole picture after being sweptLCD is what we call liquid crystal. In fact, LCD is also divided into very thin parts, such as black and white, false color, true color. Of course, the best display effect is true colorIn the final analysis, the difference of display effect is the difference of material and technology. I know the oil, STN, TFT, and I don't remember. TFT is the best liquid crystal. It can't emit light. It needs backlight. The essence of liquid crystal display is that when voltage is applied, it will produce distortion to select the light. It is also a very small point, A lot of colors on the whole screen mixed together, we look like a complete picture, as for color, I'll say laterAs for the LED is very simple, it itself is a matrix of LED lights, its color is mixed by three colors of LED lights, when the display is turned on, the corresponding point looks like a face change or textThe color of CRT is the color of phosphor. The display colors are different, not the electrons of the three electron guns. The purpose of LCD is achieved through the filter. We know that the light passing through the transparent body of any color is only the light of any color. This is the case with LCD. In color mixing, CRT, LCD and led all put the three primary color points together to form a basic pixel, With three colors, you can mix many colors. As for how to mix colors, you need to add the corresponding control mechanism,We often talk about the number of pixels, and each pixel is the basic pixel I just mentioned. For example, we all have mobile phones. The most common thing we hear in pictures is 320 * 240, which means that there are 240 basic pixels in a row and 320 pixels in a column. As for the number of ten thousand pixels, If you multiply it, you will get the number of pixels. If you convert it into ten thousand, you will get tens of thousands of pixelsI can probably understand what I said. After typing so many words, At present, many manufacturers have changed a concept when promoting their products.

What is the difference between LED display and other displays?

it is clearly LED backlight display, but it is called LED display for short.
in fact, there are essential differences between LED display and current LED backlight display.
so what are the differences and connections between LED.
LED backlight display? Hefei LED display editor will introduce the basic concepts of these two technologies in this article.
what is led display? LED display refers to the display that directly uses LED (light emitting diode) as the pixel light-emitting element.
the LED array directly emits red, green and blue light, and then forms a color picture.
however, due to the large diameter of the LED itself,
the distance between pixels of the same color is also large (that is, we often say the point distance), Therefore, LED display screen is usually only suitable for large screen display.
full color LED display screen integrates microelectronics technology, computer technology and information processing.
with its bright color, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable work, it has become the most advantageous public display media. At present, LED display screen has been widely used in large squares, commercial advertisements, shopping malls and shopping malls Sports venues, information dissemination, news release, securities trading, etc,It can meet the needs of different environments.
what is LED backlight display? The LED backlight display is just the backlight source of the liquid crystal display, which transits from the traditional CCFL cold light tube (similar to fluorescent lamp) to the LED (light emitting diode).
let's review the basic principle of the liquid crystal display.
the imaging principle of the liquid crystal can be simply understood as.
when the external voltage is applied to deflect the liquid crystal molecules, the light permeability of the backlight is blocked like a gate, Then the light is projected into different color filters to form images.
the transition of backlight module from CCFL to LED can bring many benefits.
it can make the brightness of the display screen more uniform and the power consumption of the product lower, However, w-led backlight is widely used in the market.
in fact, this kind of backlight only replaces the luminous components, However, the improvement of the display effect is very weak or not.
RGB LED, which can significantly improve the display effect of liquid crystal products, can significantly improve the display effect.
but at the same time, the production cost is high, The difference between LED and ordinary LCD is the change of backlight.
generally speaking, led and LED backlight are completely different imaging technologies.
however, LED backlight or LCD TV commonly seen in the market is not display technology At the same time, it is not correct to confuse LED backlight with LED.
this is a replacement of the original
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