What's the difference between OLED screen and AMOLED?
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Compared with AMOLED screen, OLED screen is better
Compared with AMOLED screen, OLED screen is better1、 The advantages are different1. AMOLED screen: compared with the traditional TFT screen, AMOLED screen has the advantages of fast response, self illumination, excellent display effect and lower power consumption.
however, the defects of limited panel size and short service life faced by the early AMOLED screen are also narrowing the gap with the continuous innovation of technical support.
in this paper, the development of AMOLED screen is reviewed2. OLED screen: compared with the traditional LCD technology.

What's the difference between OLED screen and AMOLED?

OLED display technology has obvious advantages. The thickness of OLED screen can be controlled within 1 mm, while the thickness of LCD screen is usually about 3 mm, and the weight is lighter.
the liquid structure of OLED screen can ensure the anti-aging performance of the screen.
moreover, it has a wide viewing angle that LCD does not have, and it can watch the same screen in a large range, The picture will not be distorted.
the reaction speed is one thousandth of that of LCD screen.
and the OLED screen is resistant to low temperature.
it can normally display the content at - 40 ℃, with higher luminous efficiency, low energy consumption and ecological environment protection. It can be made into curved screen, thus bringing different visual impact to people.
the OLED screen has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption and environmental protection2、 The main materials are different1. AMOLED screen: the screen mainly made of AMOLED materials.
the screen is made of AMOLED materials2. OLED screen: very thin organic material coating and glass substrate (or flexible organic substrate) are used.
when electric current passes through, these organic materials will emit light.
when electric current passes through, the organic material will emit light3、 Different characteristics1. AMOLED screen: AMOLED has the characteristics of faster response speed, higher contrast and wider viewing angle2. OLED screen: OLED display screen can be made lighter and thinner.
the OLED display screen can be made thinner and lighterThe visual angle is larger, and the power consumption can be significantly saved.
the results show that the visual angle is largerReference sources:Baidu Encyclopedia - OLED screenBaidu Encyclopedia AMOLED screen.
OLED screen is good.
the following is the difference between OLED screen and AMOLED screen:Organic light emitting diode (OLED) is a kind of self luminous material. It doesn't need backlight. It has the advantages of wide viewing angle, uniform picture quality, fast reaction speed and easy colorization. It can emit light with a simple driving circuit. The process is simple. It can be made into a flexible panel, which conforms to the principle of light, thin and short, The application scope belongs to small and medium panel.
OLED display is the next generation flat panel display technology similar to and better than LCDOLED has a very simple sandwich structure.
that is, there is a very thin layer of organic materials sandwiched between the two electrodes, which will emit light when there is a current passing through.
compared with LCD display.
OLED has the following advantages: OLED can emit light without backlight, so OLED display can be made lighter and thinner; The visual angle is larger; The color is more abundant; And it can significantly save powerAMOLED (active matrix / organic light emitting diode) is an active matrix organic light emitting diode (OLED).
it is also called "magic screen."
AMOLED screen is composed of three layers.
AMOLED display screen, touch sensitive panel and the outer protective layer of glass.
while the upgraded super AMOLED lacks the middle layer of touch sensitive panel.
this paper introduces the structure of AMOLED screenWhen the touch sensitive layer is built on the AMOLED display layer, we occasionally see that the touch screen of a mobile phone is broken, but it can still be used as usual, because the display layer is not broken.
the touch sensitive layer is made on the AMOLED display layerTherefore, the super AMOLED panel is thinner than the AMOLED screen.
the display screen is a native touch panel, which is more sensitive to touch, and it looks brighter than the AMOLED because it has less barrier and brighter color.
the super AMOLED screen refers to a whole mobile phone screen.
it is not a separate display screen.
the super AMOLED screen is a mobile phone screenSamsung's super AMOLED screen is dazzling.
compared with the traditional AMOLED screen, it abandons the previous touch sensing layer + display layer architecture design, The control is more sensitive.
in addition.
the removal of glass cover also brings better display effect in the sun.
Super AMOLED is also equipped with mdnie (mobile digital natural image engine) technology, which can watch from any angle and make rapid response.
the system is easy to operate and operate
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