What is the indoor LED display?
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LED display is made up of LED beads and led
LED display screen is composed of LED beads and led PC panel. It displays text, picture, color, animation, video, audio and video through red, blue, white and green LED lights.
at present, we see electronic banners in many places.

What is the indoor LED display?

electronic word screen and led subtitles are usually called LED electronic display screen, We all know that the traditional LED display screen is usually composed of display module, control system and power supply systemIn the manufacturing process of indoor LED display, the luminous grains are made into dot matrix module or digital tube.
then the module is spliced into a display unit board of a certain size, and then according to the user's requirements, We all know that the area of indoor LED display screen is generally a relatively large square area.
indoor LED display screen is usually used in indoor environment, but it can also be used outdoors, but the display effect is relatively not as good as that in outdoor.
this kind of display screen is more suitable for indoor environment
LED can be divided into three types according to the color compositionSingle color.
- single red, single green, single blue, or single yellow, single white, generally red is the most widely used,Dual primary colors - red and green, yellow on at the same time,Three primary colors - red, green and blue light up to white at the same time. According to the gray level of the three primary colors, the level reaches 65536, which is close to the natural color. It is called full color display,According to the different sites, it can be divided intoFor indoor screens, the line of sight is close, the pixels are small (the distance between dots is 8 mm or less, of course, there are also 10 mm), and the resolution requirements are high, but the external light is weaker than that of outdoor screens, and the brightness is lower than that of outdoor screens,And because it is not waterproof, windproof and lightning proof indoors,Outdoor screen - the characteristics of outdoor screen are just opposite to that of indoor screen,,,Therefore, the LED display with high resolution, lower brightness requirements than the outdoor screen, rich color and close to natural color is called indoor full-color screen
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