Which is better, IPS screen or LED screen
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IPS refers to the hard screen, refers to the surface material, this material is currently a better one
IPS refers to the hard screen, refers to the surface material, this material is currently a better one... Led refers to the luminous principle, LED is currently the most energy-saving effect is also very good and the longest life of one... As for the DVI and HD interface are full HD standard, only the display interface, there is no obvious impact on the display effect... This display uses IPS panel, With 2 million: 1 dynamic contrast and 8 ms gray-scale response time, there is no need to worry about the problem of shadowing. On the interface, the Dell u2412hm is equipped with three video interfaces, namely D-sub, DVI-D and DisplayPort, and four USB interfaces. In the same level products, the interfaces are very rich, with resolution of 1080p. With the classic 16:10 ratio, the configuration is very strong, and the appearance is made of solid materials, Product quality is reliable,.
bracket design is very awesome for.

Which is better, IPS screen or LED screen

to adjust comprehensively, the screen display effect is excellent, USB has the advantages of convenient operation, large viewing angle, and very suitable for design drawing.
led backlight.
because LCD is a kind of non active lighting display technology, that is to say, the LCD panel is just an optical switch. It controls the switch of each pixel to display the image.
behind the light switch, an area light source is needed to emit light.
this area light source is called backlight.
there are generally two kinds of backlight light sources.
one is FCCL (cold cathode tube) and LED (light emitting diode).
and the LED backlight is the light source of LED. it was first patented by Hitachi, and now LG and Chimei have obtained patent authorization.
relatively speaking,
the arrangement direction of the liquid crystal in the panel is different.
in this paper, the design of IPS is introducedSo as to achieve the effect of expanding the viewing angle.
that is to say, from a wider perspective, the display effect is not changed much.
iPS technology has obvious advantages: for example, the viewing angle is wider.
pressing the screen has no obvious color change, But at the same time, it will also lead to the increase of energy consumption (the decrease of light transmittance).
as a TV, it has advantages.
but as a mobile phone, computer, IPS has no advantages.
as a TV, IPS has advantagesThe two can coexist.
LED saves power and IPS has a large viewing angle.
LED has a large viewing angle
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