The difference between LED display and LCD display
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In recent years, the development of planar display equipment can be said to be rapid. The bloated CRT display has long disappeared in our sight, replaced by the now commonly used lightweight LCD. In the past two years, led backlit liquid crystal displays have become more and more popular. Some sellers in the digital mall boast that such displays are very high-end, making inexperienced consumers confused.
In recent years, the development of flat panel display equipment can be said to be rapid.
the bloated CRT display has long disappeared in our sight.

The difference between LED display and LCD display

instead of the light LCD display, which is widely used now.
in recent years.
LED backlight LCD is becoming more and more popular. Some sellers in digital mall boast that this kind of display is very high-end, Let the inexperienced consumers be in a fog.
LCD is a liquid crystal display device.
it is neither a backlight nor a display screen.
LCD is the abbreviation of liquid crystal display.
it is liquid crystal display or liquid crystal display.
from the structure point of view.
the screen of LCD is composed of two pieces of glass with a thickness of about 1 mm, and between the two glass plates there are color filters Liquid crystal molecules and thin film transistors.
the rod-shaped liquid crystal molecules deflect the angle and direction according to the strength of the current.
as a result, the light is polarized and refracted to show different colors.
because the liquid crystal molecules themselves do not emit light.
therefore, the LCD needs an additional light source, which is usually called "backlight."Ordinary LCD displays use "CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube)" as the backlight.
the luminous principle of CCFL is similar to that of ordinary fluorescent lamps.
the inner wall of the glass is coated with fluorescent substances, and sealed with a mixture of neon, argon and trace mercury.
CCFL passes through the electrodes at both ends of the lamp.
the ultraviolet light excited by mercury vapor in the lamp collides with the fluorescent substances on the wall of the lamp, thus emitting light.
CCFL is used as the backlightThe reason why we want to focus on the difference between LED backlight LCD and LED screen is that most sellers in digital mall like to call LED backlight LCD "LED screen" for short,Advertising words such as "LED screen is used in this laptop" can easily confuse consumers and make them confused about the relationship between LED backlight LCD and LED screenLED screen is a display device composed of multiple LEDs (light-emitting diodes) as the pixel light-emitting elements of the screen.
multiple LEDs constitute a two-dimensional LED array.
the LEDs that constitute the array can directly emit red, green, blue and other colors of light, thus forming a color picture.
this paper introduces the development of LED screenDue to the large diameter of LED, the distance between pixels (commonly known as dot distance) is also large, so the image quality is not fine enough.
that's why.
LED screen is usually used to display business information on large screen, and rarely used for entertainment.
at present.
the main application places of LED screen are large squares, hospitals, stations and stock exchange places.
the main applications of LED screen are as followsOf course.
in fact, there are real "LED screens" in our biochemistry, such as the AMOLED screen produced by Samsung, which is mainly used in mobile phones, and the OLED display launched by Sony.
however, due to the high cost of OLED.
especially the latter is far away from the mainstream consumer market.
in recent years, OLED has been widely used in our biochemistryA common LCD uses CCFL as the backlight.
because CCFL tubes are usually rectangular or U-shaped, the backlight distribution is uneven.
in addition.
mercury gas in the tube contains mercury, which is a toxic heavy metal and is not conducive to health and environmental protection.
another disadvantage of CCFL is that it must contain diffusion plate, diffusion plate, and so on The volume of the display can not be further reduced due to the complex optical elements such as reflectorWith the increase of screen size.
the power consumption increases exponentially.
the power consumption increases exponentiallyCompared with CCFL,
LED has the characteristics of stable and uniform light emission, low power consumption and no harmful chemicals. Using LED as the backlight of LCD can effectively improve the problems of CCFL backlight. At present, LED which has been put into commercial application can provide red, green, blue, white and other colors of light, However, in professional LED backlight LCD, multi-color LED is also used as backlight, which can further improve the color expressionOf course.
as a kind of LCD backlight technology that has just been put on the market, the price of LED backlight LCD is hundreds of yuan higher than that of common LCD due to the limitation of manufacturing cost and yieldAll of the above are summarized as followsThe main difference between LED display and LCD display lies in the backlight source. The former uses LED module, while the latter uses CCFL lamp tube.
(the LED in LED module has low calorific value.
low power consumption and slow aging; CCFL lamp has high calorific value, high power consumption and fast aging, so the LED module is more durable than CCFL lamp itself.
in addition.
If a CCFL lamp is damaged, it will have a great impact on the effect of LCD display; If one or two LEDs are damaged, the brightness of the LED module will be slightly reduced, and the display effect of the LED display will be little affected.
)LED backlight LCD=LCD panel + LED backlight.
LED refers to light emitting diode     The LED in our way does not refer to the liquid crystal display with light collecting diodes instead of light flowLCD refers to liquid crystal display (LCD).
it uses CCFL (cold anode fluorescent lamp) as light source.
it uses CCFL (cold anode fluorescent lamp) as light sourceThe important differences between these two kinds of backlights are as follows:1. The LED display is fatter.
Beijing translation company.
1The LED negative light source is not composed of flooded grid semiconductor.
each "grid" has an LED semiconductor, so the LED negative light successfully completes the zenization of the light source.
the three-dimensional optical flow does not only have excellent brightness average.
without the need for complex light channel design, the thickness of the LCD can be fatter, The thickness of the original inner panel of LED screen pen is about 1 / 2 of that of the common CCFL screen pen2. Electricity consumptionThere is no data indicating that it costs 48% more power than CCFL LCD screen.
the traditional LCD lamp needs to increase the power demand voltage to 530v first.
in this paper, the power consumption of CCFL LCD is analyzed     The lamp tube capacity is generally farming.
while the LED technology is adopted for the screen.
the lamp tube capacity is generally farming     Only 40V voltage of LED street lamp can be used.
the application rate of electric energy is lower.
the application rate of electric energy is higher3. Less LED lifeGenerally, the life of LED is 100000 hours     At the top of 10 every day, it can make 27 years old.
the average LCD is on the right and left at the top of 40 thousand.
the average LCD is on the right and left at the top of 40 thousand4. LED has narrower color gamutNTSC non National Television Standards Committee     It sets the gamut that the black-and-white display can display at ntsc100%.
generally, CRT can reach that level, and LCD can reach 78% right and left.
in general, CRT can reach that level     However, led negative light can achieve 100% color area of NTSC5. Because the spectrum of LED is almost all scattered, the frequency of light can not be seen     The inner line is not purple, and the middle line is white.
the new temperature is not warm, and the outer line is not radiation.
the inner line is white     It's a typical green optical flow.
it can be seen in weak light.
it's not wrong     And it can work in the high temperature of 40 degrees6. Lower contrastThe LED backlight system is absolutely the traditional CCFL fluorescent lamp backlight, which can further reduce the average light collection.
with the support of LED, less area control can slightly improve the display illuminance. After that, the LED display can reach the contrast of 1 million:1, and the Beijing electronic chip satellite TV installation can be realized.
the LED backlight system has been widely used in ChinaSo the LED display is better than the LCD display.
the LED display is better than the LCD displayFor details, please visit the world led encyclopediaLook
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