What is led screen used for?
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Introduction to display
Introduction to display1      brief introduction1、   Concept: LED panel: also known as electronic display or floating character screen.
it is composed of LED lattice.

What is led screen used for?

text, picture, animation and video can be displayed through the lighting of lamp beads. The content can be changed at any time, and each component is a display device with modular structure.
it is usually composed of display module, display module and display module The display module is composed of a lattice of LED lights.
it is responsible for light-emitting display; The control system can make the screen display text, picture, video and other contents by controlling the lighting of the corresponding area; The power supply system is responsible for converting the input voltage and current into the voltage and current required by the display screen.
the power supply system is responsible for converting the input voltage and current into the voltage and current required by the display screen2、   Features: high brightness.
the contents that can be displayed include text, pictures, animations, videos, etc., which can be combined in any size. It has a wide range of applications and various display modesOutdoor arc screen (need to be customized.
the size and shape of the screen can be realized by modular assembly)3、   Classification:(1) According to the color, it can be divided into monochrome, bicolor and colorMonochrome screen (common is monochrome red.
there are green, yellow, blue, white and other color unit boards on the market)Two color screen (the common combination is red and green, which can display three colors of red, green and yellow.
this picture is an indoor two-color screen)Full color screen (indoor screen has higher pixels.
the viewing distance is close; Outdoor screen pixel is low, but viewing distance is long)(2) According to the use occasions, it can be divided into indoor screen, semi outdoor screen and outdoor screen.
the indoor screen is suitable for the hall and the places with walls and roofs that are not directly affected by external lightThe module has low brightness and is generally not waterproof; The semi outdoor screen is suitable for doors, cars, windows and other places that are not exposed to the rain.
the brightness of the module is the same as that of the outdoor.
you can choose the highlight, which is not waterproof; The outdoor screen is suitable for outdoor open areas without any shelter, the roof, the outside of the building and other places.
the brightness of the outdoor module is higher.
the super bright module should be selected for the display screen with direct sunlight. Generally, the waterproof box should be used, and the waterproof exterior decoration should be added for the simple box.
for the display screen with direct sunlight, the super bright module should be selected(3) According to the diameter or spacing of the luminous points:Indoor single and double color screens are divided according to the diameter of light emitting points Φ 3.0mm、 Φ 3.75mm、 Φ 5.0mm.
The indoor full-color screen can be divided into P6, p7.62, P10, p12.5, p16, P20, etc.
according to the point spacing2      form1、   Unit board: the unit board is the most important component in the display screen.
according to certain rules, the unit board becomes the display part of the screen.
the indoor board is composed of lattice modules.
the outdoor and semi outdoor unit board is composed of display lattice by lamp beads.
the proportion of unit board in the whole screen price can reach more than 80% of the total screen price.
the selection of unit board depends not only on the brand, price, price, price, etc After sales.
the uniformity, brightness, viewing angle and light decay of the light should also be investigated, Now many manufacturers are doing better in these aspects.
however, these indicators of the unit boards of some manufacturers will decline seriously in a month or so.
it is estimated that they will meet the requirements by using the next few lamp beads through some technical processing.
however, problems will arise as time goes on.
I saw that the effect of the newly installed unit boards is very good in front of several banks.
the results are very goodAfter a few weeks, the brightness drops sharply, and the overall uniformity is not good, like patches, which is ugly.
there is led screen on the notebook.
generally, the outdoor one with black background and red letter can also be called LED screen.
the notebook has led screen
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