What is the difference between LED and LCD
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Original publisher: jacquselhg
Original publisher: jacquselhgThe difference between LCD, led and OLED LCD is the full name of LCD: it includes TFT, ufb, TFD, STN and other types of LCD.

What is the difference between LED and LCD

TFT is commonly used in notebook LCD.
TFT screen is thin film transistor.
English full name (thinfilmtransistor), is an active matrix type of LCD, with a special light tube on its back, It can actively control each independent pixel on the screen, which is also the origin of the so-called active matrix TFT. This can greatly improve the response time, about 80 ms, while STN's is 200 ms! Compared with STN, TFT has excellent color saturation, reduction ability and higher contrast. It can still see clearly in the sun, but its disadvantage is power consumption, And the cost is also high.
LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode.
LED applications can be divided into two categories: one is led single tube applications.
including backlight LED, infrared LED, etc; At present, there is a certain gap between China and the world in the manufacturing of LED basic materials, but as far as LED display is concerned, China's design and production technology level is basically in line with the international level.
LED display is a display device composed of LED arrays.
it adopts low voltage scanning drive.
it has the following advantages: low power consumption, long service life, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost and high cost Compared with LCD display, LED display has the advantages of high brightness, less faults, large viewing angle and long viewing distanceLED has more advantages in brightness, power consumption, viewing angle and refresh rate.
the power consumption ratio of LED and LCD is about 10:1.
and the higher refresh rate makes led have better performance in video, which can provide up to 160 video bandwidth ° LCD and LED are two completely different concepts.
LCD is a liquid crystal screen for display; LED is the light source device for lighting; The confusion of these two concepts stems from the irresponsible propaganda of domestic TV manufacturers: in fact, the so-called LED TV is relative to the CCFL TV, which refers to the backlight of the liquid crystal.
the liquid crystal itself does not emit light.
it needs another light source to light up; Traditional liquid crystal uses CCFL as backlight, that is, compact energy-saving lamp; Now we can use LED as backlight, so we have led tv.
while OLED has something in common with LCD.
OLED is an organic light-emitting diode, which can be used for display. With OLED, we don't need backlight. It can emit light and display color, and can replace LCD; At present, OLED is used for mobile phone screen display (such as ultra-thin mobile phone), but the large screen display OLED has not been commercialized.
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