The difference between TFT and LED screen
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expand allAt present, TFT is mainly used for small screen with high pixel and low priceFor example, outdoor screens generally use LED screens. The higher the pixels are, the denser the arrangement of lamp beads is, and the higher the price is. Generally, it is p16 P20At present, most of the screens are LCD TFTs. As for the size, the resolution depends on the material. The higher the resolution, the higher the cost of the screen. Of course, the high resolution, the smaller the font, and the TFT is limited by the viewing angle!Of course, the LED screen is expensive, but the visual angle is huge, and the color restoration is excellent. Are all TFT screens, only LCD and led difference, there is no difference between TFT and led? I don't know the jargon. The so-called LCD and LED are only different in the backlight. In short, LCD is a high-voltage lamp, while LED is a LED lamp. If you play a flashlight in the back one day, theoretically, the flashlight is bright enough, because the TFT screen can work without a lamp, but it is very dark. I don't know if you understand?.

The difference between TFT and LED screen

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