What are the advantages of LED screen?
Author:Wu cuizhong Time:2021-06-07 17:59 Browse(959)
Short for LED light emitting diode. It is widely used in daily life, such as the indicator light of home appliances, automobile rear fog light, etc. The most remarkable characteristics of LED are long service life and high photoelectric conversion efficiency. LED module LED arranged into matrix or pen segment, prefabricated into standard size module. Commonly used are 8x8 dot matrix modules (64 for monochrome) × One or two primary colors have 64 × Two light-emitting diodes), 8-word seven segment digital module. In order to improve brightness and increase sight distance, two or more to dozens of LEDs are integrated and packaged into a cluster tube as a pixel. This kind of LED bundle tube is mainly used for making outdoor screen. Also known as pixel tube (hope to adopt) on the book. Colorful! Save electricity.

What are the advantages of LED screen?

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