What is the difference between LED screen and LCD screen?
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LCD is liquid crystal display
LCD is liquid crystal displayLED is light emitting diode, such as indicator light, etcIf there are not many bright spots on the LCD, it's not a big problem, but even if there is one, it's also a quality problem. Usually you can see it when you turn it on, or you can draw a black one with the drawing software, and you can compare it if you look carefullyMany LCDs sold in the second-hand market are very cheap. The shopkeeper says they are brand-new and generally inferior products with bright spots.
buy an ordinary LCD TV.

What is the difference between LED screen and LCD screen?

or a higher price LED TV? " Some people say led tv and LED LCD TV. Is led TV LCD TV Recently, with the continuous heating of "home appliances going to the countryside" and "replacing old appliances with new ones", the domestic LCD TV consumer market has shown a prosperous scene.
after the concept of LED TV was launched in China at the beginning of this year, The popular concept of LED has confused many consumers.
the above questions.
reporters are frequently asked.
in fact,
the price of LED TV is two to five times higher than that of ordinary LCD TV of the same size! Behind the prosperity of LCD TV sales market, what kind of "magic cube" is hidden in LED TV? At present, LED is still LCD TV. At present, a number of products called LED TV have appeared in the domestic market, such as Samsung, Sony, Hisense, etc.
compared with ordinary LCD TV of the same size.
the price of LED TV is amazing - twice or even five times higher.
the concepts of lightweight, bright, cool appearance, energy saving and environmental protection are attached,The concept of LED has become the most fashionable TV term.
this also makes the consumers who are used to watching ordinary flat-panel TV rush for this new TV product with a thickness of only two or three centimeters or less.
in this regard.
industry insiders say that the TV with the name of LED TV in the market is not a real LED TV, but a LCD TV with LED backlight, In essence, it is still LCD TV.
according to industry insiders,
using LED as the backlight of LCD TV improves some performance of existing LCD TV to a certain extent.
however, all led TVs seen in the market are realized through this improvement, which is more suitable to be called led lit LCD.
the imaging principle of LED lit LCD, the image quality of LED TV, the image quality of LED TV, and the image quality of LED TV are improved The working state and most of the parts used are no different from ordinary LCD TV.
especially the panel as the core of flat-panel TV has not changed.
in addition to the improvement of light source, the image quality has not been fundamentally improved.
consumers: what is led and what kind of TV is led tv? A technical expert who did not want to be named said.
the root of this contradiction lies in the fact that manufacturers intentionally or unintentionally make the public ignore the fundamental difference between LED backlight and LED panel, and confuse the two completely different concepts, thus misleading consumers.
in fact.
currently, domestic market sales, media publicity and public word-of-mouth, Only LCD TV with LED backlight technology! In the real sense, LED panel should be used in LED TV, but now the production technology of LED panel is not mature, and it can not provide large-size LED products for commercial use.
this paper introduces the development of LED panel in ChinaAs a new display technology, LED has been used in other fields for a long time.
however, due to its high cost and great difficulty, it has not been widely used and popularized in TV field.
according to experts, the production technology of LED panel is far from mature At present, 52 Inch LED TV products can not be put on the market.
What's more,
it will take time for a real LED TV to go on sale at a reasonable price
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