What's the largest screen size?
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LCD is currently the largest LCD screen in the world. This kind of screen uses LED technology, which can be used to display text, graphics, images, animation, market, video, video signals and other information

What's the largest screen size?

this big screen will be the largest ever. This super large screen is specially made for the Asian Games, which is about four times larger than the live screen used by U2 and rolling stones in their performances. The screen is half moon shaped, 157 meters wide and 38 meters high, covering an area of 4480 square meters. It will play movies and images as a supplement and interaction for the opening ceremony

the screen is fixed on the steel structure at the bottom by 148 supporting parts, standing behind the East stand of the Caliph stadium, with the highest point 63 meters above the ground. The steel structure is also super heavyweight, reaching 2500 tons. These big guys came to Doha by boat after they were assembled in Macedonia

like everything specially made for the opening ceremony, the big screen will not be acclimatized in Doha, the desert city. Due to the large temperature difference between night and day, it is possible for all parts to "stretch" 7 mm in one day to adapt to this temperature difference.
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