How to deal with the fog screen on LCD
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Fog screen appears on LCD
Liquid crystal display fog screen

How to deal with the fog screen on LCD

liquid crystal display fog screen light treatment

liquid crystal display fog screen, you can't wait for the screen fog water to dry up, liquid crystal display is the most afraid of water, if you open the display found that there is fog on the screen, the outside can be gently wiped off, if it is internal fog, then you should turn off the display, Use the lamp to dry the fog in the LCD. Don't think it's good to let the LCD face the sun, which can dry the internal fog, but at the same time, it will cause the internal components aging. These are in the case of light fog<

treatment of heavy fog on LCD

when the fog inside the LCD is heavy, do not take it apart and wipe it by yourself. This may damage other parts inside the LCD. If that happens, it will not be worth the loss. Therefore, during the warranty period, you'd better send it to the after-sales service point for maintenance. After the warranty period, don't send it to the after-sales service. Just find a professional place. After all, the after-sales maintenance fee is quite expensive. It's better for you to take it to a maintenance site you are not familiar with. On the one hand, you can learn more maintenance skills. On the other hand, you can avoid replacing it for you. Don't think it's impossible to replace it.
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