Large screen, good quality LED TV.
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The panel is very important. You have to choose any TV from the panel.
The panel is very important. You have to choose any TV from the panel.

Large screen, good quality LED TV.

the hard screen is good-looking.
it is also more value-added.
many consumers agree with the TV effect of this panel.

the large screen is more formal.
because the hard screen cutting technology is the most formal.
in the next two to three years.
China's color TV market will change from the current LCD to LED, The launch of LED TV not only brings a new product to the TV industry, but also signals the upgrading of the industry.
the development of LED TV takes advantage of the time, location and people.
it can be summarized as "seizing the limelight", According to the data from the consumer electronics product survey office of China electronics chamber of Commerce, among the consumers who are expected to buy flat-panel TVs, led TVs are the most popular, The attention index is as high as 75.
in 2009, the consumption scale of LED TV in domestic market will be close to 1 million units.
it is only equivalent to 5% of the total consumption of flat-panel TV in the whole year.
therefore, there is still a lot of room for market growth of LED TV.
it is optimistic that the sales volume of LED TV in China will increase by four times next year, In fact, LED TV is still a kind of LCD TV.
only CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube) backlight in LCD TV is replaced by LED with more stable light emission.
the optimistic forecast of LED TV sales will quadruple.
the industry believes that this is related to LED product quality more in line with consumer demand.

No.1 Energy saving.
because the LED backlight can adjust its brightness and turn on and off independently, the CCFL lamp can only be turned on passively for a long time,Relatively speaking, LED is more energy-saving, and the difference of power consumption is 40% - 50%.
in addition,
since mercury must be added in the manufacture of CCFL backlight, once the backlight is damaged, the highly toxic mercury will cause great harm to human body and environmental pollution, Moreover, it is also a very troublesome thing to recycle the TV after it is "scrapped."
LED lights up through semiconductor.
the negative impact on the environment and saving resources is naturally much smaller.

the second is ultra-thin.
the LED used in LED TV is much smaller in volume than the condensing backlight in CCFL LCD TV, The performance of LED in ultra-thin aspect can not be replaced by ordinary LCD.

the third picture quality.
the main advantages of LED are uniform illumination, better color, and help to improve the color gamut of LCD TV, up to 105%.
the Ministry of industry and information technology conducted a survey on the market of LED LCD TV in May.
the dynamic contrast of LED LCD products is 25000 to 40000, The traditional CCFL is only 15000 to 20000.
in terms of color, the performance can be summarized as: black is deeper.
the color is more gorgeous, Higher definition.

the price of LED TV is too high.
the popularity of LED market still needs time.
at present, the price of LED backlight LCD TV in the market is more than twice that of CCFL backlight LCD TV.
for this,
price diving has become the biggest concern of consumers who are keen on LED in 2010.

the decline of raw material cost will also provide a reference for LED price diving Maybe.
the relevant person in charge of LG display, the world's second largest liquid crystal display manufacturer, said.
In 2010, reduce the price gap between LED backlight and CCFL backlight panel to $5, and increase the proportion of LED backlight panel shipment to more than 15% however, it is worth noting that the LCD panel depends on the quality of the LCD TV! IPS hard screen + LED backlight LCD TV is the best choice for consumers
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