LCD TV LCD TV see sharp TV advertising hot, do not know how the quality?
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Experts suggest buying LCD TV with hard panel
Experts suggest buying LCD TV with hard panel.

experts from China Consumer Association point out that when buying flat-panel TV, we must consider the display screen, core components, operation mode and other important indicators comprehensively, in order to choose a TV with high cost performance.

LCD TV LCD TV see sharp TV advertising hot, do not know how the quality?

for LCD TV, LCD panel is the most critical component, accounting for more than 2 / 3 of the total cost, Consumers should pay enough attention to this. Manufacturers have their own words for hard screen and soft screen, which makes consumers confused.
some people point out that the difference between hard screen and soft screen only lies in whether a layer of high hardness external screen is added to the LCD screen. The hard screen will affect the image quality under the condition of thermal expansion and cold contraction, and the light transmission performance is not good, It will also affect the color effect of the screen.
the soft screen is very delicate.
it is easy to be scratched, and so on.
these statements are not scientific and accurate.
to choose a good LCD TV.
a good LCD panel, we must first understand the scientific principle, relevant parameters and current mainstream technology of LCD panel.

the key technology of LCD panel:
1 Wide viewing angle
the viewing angle is small.
when viewing from a larger angle, the picture will lose color, and the contrast and color performance are very poor. This kind of LCD TV is not suitable for home use, Therefore, major manufacturers are constantly improving the wide view technology.
at present, LG iPS technology uses the bidirectional tilt of liquid crystal molecules to greatly shorten the response time.
changing the alignment of liquid crystal molecules makes the view wider.
although these technologies are mainly aimed at improving the view angle.
however, the shortening of response time, the improvement of color performance and contrast are also included in these technologies.

2 Fast response
one of the disadvantages of the early LCD panel is that the response time is too long.
in this paper, the response time of LCD panel is analyzedHowever, with the development of liquid crystal display technology, the response time is getting shorter and shorter. At present, the mainstream liquid crystal panel has reached 8 ms.

3 The aspect ratio of LCD panel
on the one hand, consumers purchase LCD TVs to pursue higher picture quality.
on the other hand, it is also to meet the needs of broadcasting high-definition digital TV in the future.

at present, the aspect ratio of most LCD TVs in the market is 16:9.
it should be noted that some LCD TVs use screens of earlier production lines, The screen ratio is not 16:9, but 15:9, and the physical resolution of this kind of LCD TV is 1280x768.
the screen ratio is not much different from 16:9 to 15:9.
however, the future digital TV signal will use 16:9 signal, and the picture of this kind of LCD TV will be flattened or cut off when playing digital TV, Consumers should also be careful.

buying a hard screen is more secure.
from the screen size point of view.
only the IPS hard screen produced by LG is 42 inch, and the panels of other panel suppliers are generally 40 inch screens of earlier production lines, which need to be further improved.

in terms of image display stability.
the hard screen performs better. When the S-IPS hard screen is normally squeezed or touched, Its screen display will not be affected, because it adds a protective layer with thermal conductivity on the front surface of the display screen, which not only improves the light transmission performance and heat dissipation performance of the display screen, but also ensures the stability of the image quality display.

the viewing angle of the screen.
the hard screen has a slight advantage.
although the viewing angle of the mainstream liquid crystal panel on the market now has reached 170 degrees.

in the market, the display angle of the mainstream liquid crystal panel has reached 170 degreesHowever, the experiment shows that: the S-IPS hard screen developed by LG can reach 178 degrees of super wide viewing angle up, down, left and right, and can truly reproduce the wonderful picture when viewed from any angle, which further solves the problem of relatively small viewing angle range, low cost and low cost When we watch from the side, the picture is slightly distorted.
patriotism also needs to strive for its own spirit.
instead of being angry here.
it's better to go to work tomorrow.
today's shortcoming in LCD is the price of aiming too high.
we can only be slaughtered.
the LCD TV was first developed by sharp.
so it's the father of LCD.
Sharp's LCD screen arrangement is fire Flame hexagon is the most scientific arrangement method in all LCD screens.
sharp can be considered for medium and high end.
it is better to buy domestic products for low end.
generally speaking, sharp makes money by patent.
TV itself has a high positioning, The price performance ratio is not outstanding -- it's not as good as Philips.
the repair rate in the joint venture is very low -- it's lower than that of Sony and Samsung.
the key core technology of flat-panel TV is in the hands of Japanese and Korean enterprises.
Teaching apprentices to starve to death will only happen to Chinese people.
don't expect Japanese and Korean enterprises to have such high awareness.
I'm a sales person in Suning.
the above is the only way After all, everyone's requirements, uses and personal senses are different.
I hope my answer will be helpful to you
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