The difference between TV advertisement and network advertisement
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TV advertisement: a program with highly concentrated information. TV advertisement has the audio-visual characteristics of newspaper, radio and film. It has become the most modern and eye-catching form of advertisement with the characteristics of sound, image, color, listening, viewing and reading. The development of TV advertising is very fast, and has amazing development potential. The first TV advertisement broadcast by Shanghai TV station on January 28, 1979 opened the prelude to the development of TV advertisement in China.
TV advertisement is a program with highly concentrated information.
TV advertisement has the audio-visual characteristics of newspaper, radio and film.

The difference between TV advertisement and network advertisement

it combines sound, image and color, listening, viewing and reading, The lively feature has become the most modern and eye-catching advertising form.
TV advertising develops very fast.
and has amazing development potential.
on January 28, 1979, Shanghai TV station broadcast the first TV advertising.
opened the prelude of the development history of China's TV advertising.

TV advertising coverage is high.
but it is not easy to target audiences for publicity.
in this paper, the author analyzes the characteristics of TV advertising TV is also an instant media. The audience's attitude towards TV advertising is "indifferent, dispensable". To make TV advertising a face-to-face sales way, we should redouble our efforts in creativity, To convey advertising messages with unique skills and attractive techniques.

(1) story telling.
to express the relationship between the commodity and the audience in the form of story telling.
to resonate with the audience.

(2) time telling.
to explain the relationship between the development of the times and the commodity to the audience in the form of documentary or narrative.

(3) confirmatory.
to use celebrities or narrative Ordinary people will quote the use and benefits of the goods to achieve the effect of public praise, but the advertising skills must be good, otherwise the audience will doubt the credibility and authenticity of the words of the interviewees.

(4) demonstration.
use the method of comparison or demonstration.
show the excellence or unique advantages of the goods.

(5) figurative.
(6) humorous style.
use humorous language or techniques.
implicitly promote the characteristics of goods, To make the audience understand and accept the advertising information in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

(7) suspense style.
use suspense technique to improve the audience's attention and curiosity.
then bring out the goods.

(8) problem solving style.
exaggerate a difficult problem.
then introduce the goods, Provide answers to difficult problems.

(9) Celebrity recommendation.
use celebrities to introduce recommended products.
use their focus and appeal to influence the attitude of the target audience and stimulate the desire to buy.

(10) special effect.
add special effects to the sound, picture, lens and other aspects.
create an atmosphere, It makes the audience produce new visual stimulation and leave an unforgettable impression.

TV advertising production methods

the requirements of TV advertising content.
it determines whether to shoot in the studio or on the spot.
because of the different creative requirements of TV advertising and the different structure forms of advertising films.
it often makes the planners choose from a variety of production methods, Or the combination of on-site and indoor shooting methods can be used for production.

there are three ways to make advertising films, namely, on-site shooting, indoor shooting and computer production.
these three ways are commonly used in the production of advertising films at present.

(1) The way of on-the-spot shooting and production is that the advertising production personnel directly carry the camera box equipment to the scene to shoot the advertising content, (2) studio shooting mode.
this kind of shooting mode is the advertising shooting mode that the advertising producers need to set the scene and design the shape according to the creative requirements.

(3) computer drawing advertising production mode.
this kind of advertising production mode is from the advertising creative designers to the electronic designers Brain programmers provide advertising creativity and advertising effect pictures.
computer programming operators use computers to program and draw advertising pictures.

TV advertising film type

is the form of TV advertising structure.
it reflects the overall creativity of advertising, and when selecting TV advertising film type, it is a kind of advertising production method, We should pay attention to that the structural form should meet the requirements of advertising creativity, the appeal points of advertising products, the theme of advertising, whether it is beneficial to the promotion of products, and whether it can be accepted by the audience.
the common form is

(1) news report type.
this type of advertising film is in the form of news report.
the commodity information with news value is recorded by means of documentary,

(2) demonstration type.
mainly through celebrities, experts and product users to explain and verify the functions and advantages of advertising products.
what benefits the product can bring to consumers.
it can be divided into citation type and celebrity recommendation type.

(3) suspense type.

It is an advertisement that a questioner asks a question and then a believer answers the question.
(4) emotional life segment.
it is an advertisement production method that people talk about and evaluate a certain commodity in their daily life.
through TV technology, part of it is artistically processed and re presented in the realistic portrayal of TV screen.

(5) atmosphere
is through a specific place Specific things to create life and people's emotional atmosphere.

the release form of TV advertising

is a way of advertising for customers.
it is also the business project and content of TV advertising.
in order to make customers better choose their own broadcast time.
to achieve good advertising effect, The main forms of TV advertising are as follows:

(1) special advertising.
refers to the specific advertising time provided by TV stations for advertisers.
by ordering such advertising time, customers can place their products in front of and behind the designated TV programs

(2) ordinary advertising.
refers to several time periods designated by TV stations in the daily broadcast time.
it is a kind of advertising mode for customers to broadcast advertising.

(3) economic information is a kind of advertising mode for TV advertising.
it is an advertising time period specially set by TV stations for industrial and commercial enterprises, It is dedicated to the promotion of products, product supervision, product quality consultation, product joint exhibition and sales activities, as well as the opening of enterprises and other units.
it is a kind of publicity service for customers(4) Direct advertising.
refers to the advertising time period specially set by TV stations for customers.
this time period is used to introduce the products and commodities produced or sold by TV stations to the audience.

(5) text advertising.
it is just the simplest way to play advertisements with words and sound on TV screen.

(6) direct advertising is the most simple way to play advertisements )Public service advertisement is a kind of free advertisement.
it is mainly produced and broadcasted by TV stations according to the central task of each period.

the three elements of TV advertisement are

the basic elements of TV advertisement to express advertising information, including video, video, video, and so on Audio and time.
is the image presented on the TV screen.
it is a specific and dynamic image of the shape and color of the scene.
it is a kind of phantom captured by the camera or camera and restored by the TV.
image is the main component of TV advertising.
it has the characteristics of vividness, intuition and concreteness, Often a shot can provide a comprehensive variety of visual information.
sound is another important factor in the performance of TV advertising.
it is the result of sound waves restored through the TV, and it is the reproduction of all kinds of sound information.
sound and image cooperate.
it provides rich information to the audience, The main feature of TV advertisement is to store all the information conveyed in the process of time.
without the time factor, the information cannot be conveyed.
in TV advertisement,
time has three meanings: one is the actual length of the advertisement; the other is the actual length of the advertisement; Second, it refers to the performance time of TV advertisement; The third is the psychological feeling time of TV advertising audienceThe two elements of vision and hearing also constitute the change and rhythm through time.

TV advertising language

TV advertising is narrated and described in the form of picture (lens).
it also combines sound (dialogue, narration, sound, music, etc.) with painting and surface The basic feature of TV advertising language is the combination of lens and lens.
TV advertising language has many characteristics, such as multi-layer structure, certainty of picture image, uncertainty of picture meaning (the audience has a variety of understanding of the same picture), image of positive rhetoric and so on.

TV advertising song

commonly used means of expression in TV advertising.
also known as singing cm, It's basically a kind of ballad.
different from the movie episode, it doesn't require diversification and high skills, only requires to be catchy, easy to learn and remember, lively melody and short lyrics.
the purpose of advertising song creation is to deepen people's understanding, memory and association of commodity characteristics with beautiful melody and unique sound, In order to promote sales.
TV advertising songs can be divided into direct type and indirect type.
the lyrics of direct type advertising songs contain the name of the enterprise or the taste of the product.
indirect type advertising songs have similar characteristics with general songs, and even select a popular song only for a specific ad.
the characteristics of TV advertising songs are extensive and popular Communication, provocation, closeness, association and regeneration (the image of the product is regenerated by the advertising song).

TV advertising picture

refers to the photographic composition of every TV advertisement in the TV advertisement.
in this paper, the author analyzes the image of the TV advertisement in the TV advertisementIt is not only the name of a single shot image and an instant image, but also the name of the whole TV advertising image.
the TV advertising image is sent out by the electrical signal reflecting the image.
appeal to the audience's vision.
the TV advertising image has the characteristics of concrete, bright, accurate, realistic, continuous action, montage connection, etc.
the composition and modeling of the image is a kind of knowledge, The best TV advertising picture can not only give the audience visual enjoyment, but also produce the best performance effect on the advertising products.

TV advertising theme

is the core information to be conveyed by a TV advertisement.
that is, the "what to say" of TV advertisement.
the theme runs through the whole advertisement like a red line.
it makes every element of TV advertisement organic At the same time,
theme is also the basis of advertising performance, and has the power to support the whole TV advertising.
American advertising experts call theme.
it is the creativity that can be used as the basic or central, and it is the core to organize the TV advertising materials.
from this point of view,
in a successful work, image, music, actors, actors, and so on Color and other performance factors are just the packaging of the theme.
the theme of TV advertising should be accurate, distinct, unique, unified, easy to understand Easy to remember.

TV advertising photography

the process of obtaining moving images of objects related to advertising through cameras.
TV advertising photography, as a recording means,
can truly reproduce the physical characteristics and moving forms of products to the greatest extent in both time and space, and can also be grasped and processed through light, color, composition and motion, It creates the meaning and effect of art.
the meaning and effect of art are created

TV advertising lens is the basic ideographic unit of TV advertising works.
it has the spatial characteristics of two-dimensional plane and three-dimensional space.
it also has the temporal characteristics of continuous motion of images.
TV advertising lens can be classified according to different standards: 1. According to the scope of vision shown in the frame, it can be divided into: long-range lens, panoramic lens, medium range lens Close range lens, close-up lens.
different lens forms have different functions in advertising performance due to the different display space.
2. According to the angle of camera and subject, they can be divided into elevation lens, depression lens, head up lens Top angle lens, etc.
lenses with different angles have different perspective effects and composition forms.
therefore, they have different artistic expressiveness.
3. According to the motion of the camera, they are divided into fixed lens, panning lens, moving lens, push-pull lens and zoom lens.
moving lens makes the picture more vivid and rich.
enhances the visual movement, It helps to form expressive artistic rhythm and atmosphere.
4. According to the length of the lens, it can be divided into long lens, short lens, flash lens, etc.
different lengths of lens have different effects on emotional expression.
different types of lens will give consumers different feelings in TV advertising.
therefore, we should start from the whole according to the appeal focus of TV advertising, The combination of various shots is used to achieve the predetermined advertising effect.
the text displayed on the TV advertising screen can be superimposed on the screen.
it can also appear on the monochrome substrate.
the TV advertising subtitles are mainly used to increase the scope of ideographic.
they can explain, supplement, emphasize and summarize the advertising screen.
the TV advertising subtitles are mainly used to increase the scope of ideographicAccording to the different production methods, it can be divided into: 1. Shooting Subtitles: shooting handwritten subtitles with camera.
this method obtains static subtitles.
2. Stunt Subtitles: subtitles made with electronic stunt machine.
this kind of subtitles can show two-dimensional motion forms, such as expanding, shrinking, etc Mobile, etc.
3. Computer subtitle: the subtitle made by computer subtitle machine or computer animation machine.
this kind of subtitle can show the three-dimensional movement form.
the subtitle on the screen should be standard.
the language should be concise, concise and eye-catching, and attention should be paid to make the position of the subtitle in the screen appropriate and full of changes,

TV advertising stunt is an important means of TV advertising production.
with the development of science and technology.
in the post editing process, TV advertising production can enlarge, reduce and change the captured image, and even make the TV advertising picture stretch, compress, distort, segment, move and change Color change and other magical special effects.
these special effects are collectively referred to as TV advertising special effects.
appropriate use of special effects can help to enhance the attraction of advertising, and it is very beneficial to understand and enhance the picture information.
however, when using TV advertising special effects, we must have a clear intention.
we can't use them just for novelty, In addition,
special effects can not replace the content itself, it can only change a certain visual effect.
at present,
TV advertising special effects are widely used in TV advertising production, but only the special effects are closely connected with people's visual feeling and inner feelings,The last few seconds of TV advertising.
it is generally used to launch important contents such as the name of advertising products, enterprise group names or advertising slogans. Such TV advertising images are called "standard version."
standard version can be used to highlight the image of products and enterprises.
emphasis on appeal, deepen consumers' memory of advertising, It is the last finishing touch of TV commercials.

5 seconds Standard Version

5 seconds Standard Version advertisement.
it is mostly used to play in prime time.
it is usually the last Standard Version of complete TV commercials such as 30 seconds, 15 seconds, etc.
because of its length of 5 seconds, Therefore, it is called 5-second Standard Version.
for example, the Standard Version advertisement after CCTV news broadcast and before weather forecast.
in order to achieve good advertising effect, we should pay attention to the following points: 1. The advertising picture should give people a strong impression and impact.
2 Easy to remember.
3. According to the target audience of advertising.
make advertising performance more targeted.

the new turning point of online marketing is coming. This year, online advertising has reached 4.6 billion yuan
in 2005, the scale of China's online advertising market was 3.13 billion yuan.
compared with 2004, it increased by 77.1%, 7.6 times of 2001, close to radio advertising (3.4 billion yuan), and surpassed magazine advertising (1.8 billion yuan) for the first time, In 2006, the scale of China's online advertising market will reach 4.6 billion yuan.
by 2010, the number will expand to 15.7 billion yuan.
in the future, China's online advertising market will reach 4.6 billion yuan

"The rapid development of China's e-marketing is at an inflection point.
" on March 22, rishad, chief Innovation Officer of PGM, said in an interview with China first financial daily before the forum of "new inflection point and new breakthrough."

PGM was founded in 2004.
it controls two media networks, Star Media (SMG) and power communication, It can mobilize more than 40 billion US dollars of global media spending.

in 2005.
the US online advertising revenue easily broke through the 10 billion US dollars mark, reaching a record high of 12.5 billion US dollars, surpassing outdoor advertising and commercial magazine advertising, It's the first time to stand side by side with broadcast media.
according to the survey of 99 enterprises and 20 advertising agencies in the United States by Forrester Research,
nearly 85% of them intend to increase their online advertising budget.

"in the United States,
the advertising revenue of the top ten online media, led by Yahoo, accounts for more than 63% of the total turnover of online advertising, Big websites basically monopolize the market power.
"rishad said.
" it is expected that the market share of online advertising in the United States will reach 5.4% in 2006.
the proportion of online advertising market will reach 7.5% in 2009.

JIANG Zhiqiang, vice president of Netease sales, told the first financial daily, This is due to the change of payment and evaluation methods.
according to the different pricing classification of the US internet advertising expenditure in the first half of 2005 by the US internet advertising agency (IAB).
in the first half of 2005, out of the US $5.8 billion internet advertising expenditure, the US internet advertising expenditure in the first half of 2005 has increased significantly,Credit Suisse First Boston predicts that the cost of online advertising in the United States will increase to 16.6 billion US dollars in 2006.

in 2005, the scale of China's online advertising market was 3.13 billion yuan.
compared with 2004, it increased by 77.1%, 7.6 times of 2001, close to broadcast advertising (3.4 billion yuan), In 2006, the scale of China's online advertising market will reach 4.6 billion yuan.
by 2010, the number will expand to 15.7 billion yuan.
the number of online advertising in China will increase to 15.7 billion yuan
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