LED electronic display
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LED electronic display

langju optoelectronic technology professional night lighting, bar LED lighting expert-13702716875 Huang Sheng.
undertake; Shenzhen langju optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED module, LED color bar, LED digital tube, LED display, led full-color wall, led band and optical fiber The development and production of LED lighting and display screen products in entertainment venues such as performing arts halls Langju optoelectronics is located in Shiyan Hongfa Industrial Park, Bao'an District, Shenzhen city.
it is a high-tech enterprise supported by Shenzhen municipal government.
in response to the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of the Chinese government and the national "863" semiconductor lighting industry research plan, it has set up a LED lighting application research and development team.
at present, it has independent research and development Our mature products are: LED dynamic color screen wall series, led magic color digital tube series, LED colorful digital lamp, high-power projection lamp series, led high-power wall washing lamp series, LED indoor and outdoor display screen, etc.
our products are used in buildings, buildings, hotels, performing arts halls, commercial streets, gardens, roads, etc Bridges and other landscape lighting projects.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
carrying the Chinese people's Centennial Olympic feelings, langju youzeng participated in the LED display project of the media village.
the Beijing Olympic GamesWith international vision.
high quality solutions, the company has undertaken the outdoor high-definition LED display project of Beijing Olympic media village, which has been highly affirmed by the partners.

the company implements ISO9001 quality management system.
ISO1400 environmental management system adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, quality and innovation", serves customers with international vision and professional attitude, and pursues excellence, It is committed to building the most influential international brand of "leolight" in the 21st century led lighting industry.
in the face of global energy shortage, energy conservation and environmental protection, it is particularly outstanding in China with rapid economic development.
langju company will make lean management, introduce advanced technology of International LED industry, absorb industry elites, optimize R & D team, continuously innovate, integrate and promote the development of LED application industry, Create a new vision of China's LED lighting technology.
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