How to clean the computer screen?
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What kind of monitor are you
What kind of monitor are you?
I. soft cloth + water

How to clean the computer screen?

at this time, there is only some dust on the LCD, so it is easier to clean.
you only need to use a wet soft cloth to gently wipe the dust on the surface of the LCD.
pay attention to that the cloth should not be too rough, Otherwise, the screen will be scarred after wiping.
in addition, the soft cloth must be wrung dry.
because water is the natural enemy of LCD.
after cleaning, the wet mark can be dried.

Second, special cleaner
when the LCD screen is full of finger prints left by you playing the piano and oil splashed when eating.
you need to use some special LCD cleaner, You can buy it in laptop stores or electronic markets in some big cities. Remember not to use some unknown cleaning agents and solvents such as alcohol, which may contain some corrosive chemicals.

Sony special LCD cleaner.
the price of this small bottle is 150 yuan

the price of special cleaner is relatively high, And the capacity is relatively small.
however, since so many silver notebooks have been bought.
don't care about the hundred and two hundred, Otherwise, if you use inferior detergent to wipe the LCD, it will not be able to solve the problem.

tips: in the process of wiping, always follow one direction.
never draw a dragon.

LCD is the face of notebook.
most of the time, users have to face it, Therefore, it is a very important issue to protect the LCD.
want to make your laptop still have a beautiful face after a period of use.
Then be nice to it<

LCD is the most delicate part of notebook computer, and its manufacturing cost accounts for about 30% of the total cost of the whole notebook computer.
it has many advantages, such as "low power consumption.
no radiation, no vertigo" and so on, and protects the user's vision to a great extent.
however, if it is used improperly.
it is likely to shorten its service life, so, We should pay special attention to the maintenance of LCD.
the author introduces the maintenance methods of LCD in notebook computer into several points.

first, keep a dry working environment

according to the working principle of LCD in notebook computer, we can see that it has strict requirements on air humidity, Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the laptop can work in a relatively dry environment.
in particular, moisture should not be brought into the interior of the display screen.
therefore, this is particularly critical for some users who work in a humid environment.
if moisture has entered the LCD screen.
the laptop needs to be placed in a dry place, Let the water evaporate slowly. At this time, do not turn on the power rashly, otherwise the LCD electrode of the display will be corroded, causing damage to the LCD.

Second, pay attention to your own operating habits.

bad working habits.
will also damage the health of the LCD.
for example, drinking tea while using a laptop Coffee or milk, etc.
as we all know,
this will not only endanger the safety of the laptop keyboard, but also the delicate LCD screen,If you accidentally spill tea and other liquid on the LCD, you can imagine the consequences.
in addition,
if you don't pay attention when using or opening the laptop, it may cause the LCD to scratch or damage the protective film, etc, It will affect its service life.
good operating habits are closely related to the health of laptop LCD.

thirdly, avoid unnecessary vibration

because laptop LCD is composed of multilayer reflector, reflector, light filter and protective film, and these materials are very fragile and easily damaged, So too strong vibration may cause irreparable damage to it, such as display blur, water ripple and other phenomena, thus affecting the display output effect.
when using a laptop computer, it is necessary to avoid the place with strong vibration to ensure the safety of the LCD screen.

4 Avoid the invasion of volatile chemicals

no matter what kind of display is.
liquid should be kept away, let alone chemical agents? What I want to emphasize here is to pay attention to the infringement of other volatile chemicals on the LCD.
for example, hair gel often used by people, mosquito killer frequently used in summer, etc.
they will damage the liquid crystal molecules on the LCD and even the whole LCD, It can shorten the service life of LCD.
for dangerous volatile chemicals, we need to solve the problem when using notebook computers.

fifthly, clean the LCD regularly

due to dust and other unclean substances.
it is inevitable that some ugly stains will appear on the LCD,Therefore, it is necessary to clean the LCD regularly.
if there are stains on the LCD.
the correct cleaning method is to use a soft cloth with a little glass detergent to wipe the stains, and pay attention to the light force when wiping, otherwise the LCD will be short circuited and damaged.
cleaning the LCD regularly.
frequent scrubbing is not allowed, That will also have adverse effects on the LCD.

VI. using screen protection when using intermittently is the same as CRT.
working for a long time, especially displaying a fixed picture for a long time, may cause the LCD internal aging or even burning out, Moreover, the damage is irreparable.
therefore, setting a screen saver in the interval of use can also prolong its service life.

LCD is the "face" of notebook computer.
users have to face it most of the time, so protecting LCD is a problem worthy of attention, If you can achieve the above points in normal use, then its service life will also increase.
first of all, see what kind of screen it is.
if it is an ordinary flat panel display, it is easier.
you can use water or low concentration detergent.
just don't get too wet, Wet first and then dry
in the case of LCD, it is better to use special screen cleaner and cleaning cloth
if it cannot be found, it can be replaced by camera lens paper and soft deerskin. Remember not to use alcohol and other soluble cleaner, which will damage the screen surface coating,
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