How to deal with LCD screen stains?
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1. Soft linen, wet with water, wipe gently. Or with isopropanol and water 1:1 wet, wipe with soft linen
1. Wet the soft linen cloth with water and wipe it gently. Or wet it with isopropanol and 1:1 water and wipe it with soft linen cloth 2.3m675 and 3M magic magic cloth. 3. Suede, wipe lens cloth and dip it with optical lens cleaning solution. Pay attention to that when wiping, it should be extended from the center to the outside and concentric circle to the outside. Do not use corrosive organic solvent, cloth or paper that will shed ash or hair, Isopropanol is a flammable and explosive liquid. When using it, don't see open fire. The computer should also turn off the power and be under the cooling state. When preparing the solution, pay attention to fully shake it to make the solution stable. Pay attention not to use the following items to clean toilet paper, alcohol, acetone, non neutral detergent, detergent, long fiber products and saliva on fingers. First of all, the fiber of the cleaning cloth should be soft enough, However, it is not enough to only do these things.
let's give a few examples of life applications to help you understand.
for example, the computer products that we can't do without now.

How to deal with LCD screen stains?

the screens that we need to face every day are sometimes inevitably stained with stains.
for example, CRT displays.
there is often a very thin coating on the surface of the screen, This coating is very important and delicate, even more vulnerable to damage than the sensitive LCD surface, and the most important anti glare function of the external screen comes from its function.
some primary users or places with complex public environment.
the screen is often stained with fingerprints, often oily; Or the liquid splashed on it, such as coffee (the most common is human saliva, if you don't believe it, please observe it yourself).
a common sense is.
the screen of the monitor should not use any alcoholic detergent, it is better to use pure water and soft cloth to gently wipe away the stains, and pay attention not to be too heavy to avoid physical damage,This is also a general solution.
another example is camera lens.
there are coated spectacle lenses and telescopes on the surface, and the surface is also very delicate. Especially for camera lens, the stains not only directly affect the imaging quality, but also add dirt to the dirty surface if they are not handled properly. In addition, there are limited scents that can be wiped, This kind of situation will only make you more distressed.
in addition,
another aspect that should be paid attention to when wiping this kind of surface is that you can't use the wiping product with too short fiber, otherwise the short fiber falling off is equivalent to the stain, which will also affect the imaging.
generally, the cheapest solution is to use the plush cotton.
gently wipe the stain, Or use high-cost lens cloth.
the above two environments are the most representative.
products that can handle stains in these two environments will be able to cope with more complex environments.
of course, CD-ROM surfaces with very low surface hardness, and precision instruments, etc.

please accept.
thank you! After using the LCD for a period of time, you will find that there is a layer of dust adsorbed on the display screen (it is more obvious when you turn off the LCD and look at it from the back). Sometimes, you will accidentally stick various water stains, which will certainly greatly affect the visual effect. How to clean it? ① First, turn off the power supply of the LCD, and remove the power cord plug and the video card connector plug.
② move the LCD to a place with better natural light.
in order to see the dust clearly, it is more conducive to have a definite aim, so as to achieve better cleaning effect.
③ no special solution or cloth is needed to clean the LCD.
based on the author's experience, Clean water + soft cashmere cloth or cotton cashmere cloth is the best cleaning tool for LCD (no scraping paper towel is OK).
when cleaning, use cotton cashmere cloth dipped in clean water and then slightly dry it.
when cleaning, use cotton cashmere cloth to clean LCDThen gently wipe the dust on the display screen with a slightly wet soft fluffless wet cloth (do not squeeze the display screen with force). When wiping, it is recommended to wipe the dust from one side of the display screen to the other side until it is completely wiped clean, and do not wave it casually.
tips: do not use hard cloth Wipe with hard paper.
at the same time, do not use cleaning liquid containing alcohol or acetone or cleaning agent containing chemical composition.
do not spray the liquid directly on the screen, (4) after cleaning the LCD screen with a soft wet cloth,
a wet cloth can be used to clean the LCD screen again.
finally, let the water on the LCD screen dry naturally in a ventilated place.
after cleaning the LCD screen with a soft wet cloth
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