LCD TV screen burned, can you repair it
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LCD TV screen is broken, generally can't repair, can only change a screen
The LCD TV screen is broken, generally it can't be repaired, only one screen can be replaced

LCD TV screen burned, can you repair it

the money for another screen is almost enough to buy another one

Hello! It can be calculated according to 70% of the current market price of your TV, which is about the same price in different places. The screen is the most expensive part, for the screen can consider buying a new one for reference, hope to adopt<

the LCD screen is broken. You didn't explain the details. Is it a splash screen after power on? White screen? Black screen? Take out? Or is the glass on the LCD screen cracked? In addition, you only said the price you bought the TV at that time, not the brand, size, LCD or LED. If the surface of the LCD is damaged, there is basically nothing to repair, and it can only be straight...

the LCD of a famous brand is reported for one year. If it does not exceed the warranty period, it can be repaired free of charge after looking for after-sales service.

if it can be repaired, it has to be replaced with another screen, but it is worthless to repair it. The main part of the LCD TV is the screen, and the price of replacing the screen and buying another LCD TV is exactly the same. Only a new screen, which accounts for 2 / 3 of the price of TV, is very expensive.
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