What are the forms of TV advertisement? What are the differences?
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http://www.chinaadren.com/html/file/2005-9-3/200593112849.html Here is a detailed introduction!
http://www.chinaadren.com/html/file/2005-9-3/200593112849.html Here is a detailed introduction! Story style
expresses the relationship between the commodity and the audience in the form of story telling, so that the audience can resonate.

What are the forms of TV advertisement? What are the differences?

time style
uses documentary or narrative techniques.
explains the relationship between the development of the times and the commodity to the audience.

confirmatory style
uses celebrities or ordinary people to cite the use and benefits of the commodity.
in order to achieve the effect of public praise, but the skills of advertising must be excellent, Otherwise, the audience will doubt the credibility and authenticity of the interviewee's words.

model type
uses the method of comparison or demonstration.
shows the excellence or unique advantages of the goods.

figurative type
uses simple and easy to understand.
well-known metaphor leads to the main theme of the advertising goods.

humorous type
uses humorous language or technique.
implicitly promotes the characteristics of the goods, Make the audience understand and accept the advertising information in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

suspense style
use suspense technique to improve the audience's attention and curiosity.
then bring out the goods.

problem solving style
exaggerate a difficult problem.
then introduce the goods, Provide answers to difficult problems.

celebrity recommendation style
introduce recommended products to celebrities.
use their focus and appeal to influence the attitude of target audience and stimulate the desire to buy.

special effect style
adds special effects to sound, picture, lens, etc.

special effect styleCreate an atmosphere, so that the audience has a new visual stimulation, leaving an unforgettable impression.

film type
the form of TV advertising structure.
he reflects the overall creativity of advertising. When choosing TV advertising film type, we should pay attention to the structural form to meet the requirements of advertising creativity, the appeal points of advertising products, and the theme of advertising, Whether it is beneficial to the product publicity and whether it can be accepted by the audience.

this type of advertising film is in the form of news report.
it is a way to record the commodity information with news value by means of documentary, and carry out advertising through TV.

the demonstration type
is mainly through celebrities Experts and product users explain and verify the functions and advantages of advertising products.
what benefits can products bring to consumers.
it can be divided into citation type and celebrity recommendation type.

suspense type
is an advertisement in which a questioner asks a question, and then a truster answers the question.

Life segment emotional type
refers to people's talk about a commodity in daily life It's a kind of advertising production method to discuss and evaluate the facts, and to artistically process part of them through TV technology and reproduce them in the realistic portrayal of TV screen.

atmosphere type
is a kind of advertising production method through a specific place Specific things to create life and people's emotional atmosphere.

Animation and computer special effects type
through animation and computer special effects to express the content that is not easy to express.
the vision may be more funny, and the content can also have more creative play space.
in many forms of real advertising.
this is also a refreshing way of expression,For example, the animation advertisement of brain platinum: the old woman in a straw skirt twists and turns (animation characters), which makes the audience fresh and fresh, but achieves better advertising effect.

see Baidu Encyclopedia for more details.
for details, please refer to Baidu Encyclopedia
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