Which is more radiant between LCD and TV?
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LCD computer 7a686964616fe78988e69d8331333236356661, because the computer is made of a variety of chemicals, even if the LCD screen is better, but long-term computer, radiation will make your eyes cataract, retinal membrane will fall off and other diseases. It's better not to watch the computer for a long time. LCD computer screen is more harmful to eyesight
LCD computer 7a686964616fe78988e69d8331333236356661, because the computer is made of a variety of chemical substances, even if the LCD screen is better, but long-term viewing of the computer, radiation will make your eyes produce cataract The retina will fall off and other diseases.
it is better not to watch the computer for a long time.

Which is more radiant between LCD and TV?

source: Henan public information network
according to a survey conducted by German authorities.
although the radiation of LCD is much less than that of ordinary display, it is easier to make our eyes tired because of its high brightness, In the survey, researchers tested 10 different brands of 19 inch liquid crystal displays, including desktop computers, There are also laptops.
they found that all the tested LCDs have the problem of "too high brightness.
the researchers pointed out that when the brightness of the display reaches 100cd per square meter (i.e. the luminous intensity unit" candela "), the, The light intensity of the liquid crystal displays they tested is more than 300cd per square meter, and some even reach 400cd-500cd.

according to the German computer experts who conducted the survey, This problem also exists in LCD TVs.
in order to increase the clarity of these LCD screens,
in addition to improving the brightness by the light tube behind the screen, special "polishing technology" is also widely used to make the surface of the screen look like a piece of glass, which makes it very qualitative, and also improves the color contrast and saturation of the screen.
in this paper, a new method is proposed to improve the brightness of LCD TVsHowever, it will also reflect light like glass.
especially when the light shines on the screen.
it will increase the light reflection.
consumers using this kind of display screen are easy to be "stabbed" by the light, and produce the symptoms of eye fatigue, and gradually cause the health problems of vision loss and headache.

How can we prevent the damage of LCD screen to the eyes? Experts suggest: in order to prevent light reflection, when using computers, the distance between our eyes and the screen should be about 60cm; Secondly, the general LCD display has the function of high and low brightness, when using, try to adjust the brightness; Third, you may as well stick a protective film on the LCD screen to prevent light reflection, which can not only prevent damage to the LCD screen, but also prevent light reflection and dizziness.
in addition, for those who are going to update their computers, you may as well choose the new LCD screen with low reflection LCD technology on the market, In design, it avoids the damage of light to the eyes.
display is an important interface for communication between human and machine.
in the early days, CRT / catheter display was mainly used. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, various display technologies have sprung up. Recently, liquid crystal (LCD) display is light, short, low power consumption and no radiation risk, The advantages of flat right angle display and stable and non flickering image, attracted by the falling price in recent years, gradually replace the mainstream position of CRT, and the display is a star of tomorrow.
so what are the new features of LCD compared with traditional display.
What are the new features of LCD
because every point of LCD always keeps that color and brightness after receiving the signal,As a result,
the image quality of liquid crystal display is high and it will never flicker, which minimizes eye fatigue.

Second, there is no electromagnetic radiation.

the display material of traditional display is phosphor.
the phosphor is impacted by electron beam, The moment when the electron beam hits the phosphor, it will produce strong electromagnetic radiation. Although many display products have carried out effective treatment in dealing with the radiation problem to minimize the radiation as far as possible, it is difficult to eliminate it completely.
relatively speaking.
LCD has inherent advantages in preventing radiation, Because there is no radiation at all.
in the aspect of electromagnetic wave prevention.
LCD also has its own unique advantages. It uses strict sealing technology to seal a small amount of electromagnetic wave from the driving circuit in the display. In order to radiate heat, ordinary display must make the internal circuit contact with the air as much as possible, In this way, the electromagnetic wave generated by the internal circuit will leak out Large visible area

for displays of the same size,
the visible area of liquid crystal display is larger.
the visible area of liquid crystal display is the same as its diagonal size.
for cathode ray tube display,
the front panel of picture tube has a frame of about an inch around it, which can not be used for display.

four It has a wide range of applications.

the original liquid crystal display can not display delicate characters.
it is usually used in electronic watches and calculators.
with the continuous development and progress of liquid crystal display technology.
with the development of liquid crystal display technologyAt the same time, it also supports the basic color display, and is gradually used in LCD TV, camera's LCD and handheld game machine.
then DSTN and TFT are widely used as LCD devices in computers.
DSTN LCD was used in early notebook computers; TFT is not only used in notebook computers (now most notebook computers use TFT display), but also used in mainstream desktop displays.

fifthly, the picture effect is good

compared with traditional displays.
LCD uses pure flat glass plate at the beginning, and its display effect is right angled, It's refreshing.
and it's easier for LCD to achieve high resolution on a small screen.
for example, a 17 inch LCD can achieve 1280 × 1024 resolution, while 1280 is usually used on 18 inch CRT color display × The picture effect of resolution above 1024 is not completely satisfactory.

VI. digital interface

LCD is digital.
unlike cathode ray tube color display, analog interface is adopted.
that is to say,
LCD is used, The graphics card no longer needs to convert the digital signal into the analog signal and output it as usual.
this will make the color and positioning more accurate and perfect.

7 The traditional CRT displays have a bulky CRT at the back.
LCD displays break through this limitation.
it gives people a new feeling.
the traditional displays emit electron beam to the screen through an electron gun.
the traditional CRT displays have the advantages of small size and symmetryTherefore, the tube neck of the picture tube can not be made very short, and when the screen increases, the volume of the whole display will inevitably increase.
while the liquid crystal display achieves the display purpose by controlling the liquid crystal molecular state through the electrodes on the screen.
even if the screen increases, its volume will not increase in direct proportion, and its weight is much lighter than that of the traditional display with the same display area.

8 The power consumption is small

the traditional display is composed of many circuits.
when these circuits drive the CRT to work, they need to consume a lot of power, and with the increasing volume, the power consumption of the internal circuits will certainly increase.
comparatively speaking.
the power consumption of liquid crystal display is mainly consumed in its internal electrodes and driving IC, Therefore, the power consumption is much smaller than that of traditional monitors.

it's better to stop playing with computers.
three to four hours is enough. It's not good to rely on computers every day for a long time. Playing with computers for a long time will not damage your eyesight. If you spend a lot of time using computers every day, you should be careful about your eyes,
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