I want to open a store for LED display. Is it enough to invest 50000 yuan at the beginning
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Production method of LED billboard:
Led billboard production method:
LED billboard is to make full use of the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection of led to produce colorful signboards, also known as LED electronic light box, LED luminous characters, LED Waterproof signboard, LED luminous characters, led external luminous characters, led iron luminous characters, led zinc iron luminous characters, led stainless steel luminous characters, led titanium luminous characters, LED light-emitting characters According to the requirements of our friends, Shenzhen jianweichuang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. will share with you the experience of making LED signboards over the years. If you have any questions or have a better way, please contact us.

I want to open a store for LED display. Is it enough to invest 50000 yuan at the beginning

one LED billboard production tool: 30W or 40W electric soldering iron.
soldering tin, electric drill, Glue gun, screw driver, etc.
two LED billboard production needs materials: molding iron sheet characters (preferably purchased locally), reducing transportation costs, glass glue, resistance (our factory can provide), wire (our factory can provide), Special power supply for LED signboard (our factory can provide it).

three steps for making LED billboard:
1. Drilling: fix the purchased formed iron sheet characters to the right position.
drilling with electric drill: 5mm or 8mm. The spacing depends on the installation height and production cost of the external signboard. Generally, the spacing between LED centers is 10-30mm. The smaller the spacing, the better the effect, The higher the cost is.

plug in the light: clean the drilled holes and put the lights one by one.

3. Connection: connect them in series first and then in parallel to the power supply.
this step is relatively difficult. Don't worry. Shenzhen jianweichuang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has made and connected LED light strings,Each string has a reserved wire end, generally the red wire end is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and the black wire end is connected to the negative pole of the LED special power supply.

4. Aging test: after connecting all the LEDs.
check and handle the ones that are not bright, Then the aging test is carried out for 24 hours.

5. Glue sealing: fix the led to the iron sheet.

6. Retest.

specific methods of making LED electronic display screen
materials: order unit board, aluminum alloy frame (indoor), sheet metal box (outdoor), power source, system, wire (cable, power line, mesh line), screw, etc methods: assembly and debugging
investment cost:
if you only do assembly, the equipment cost should be controlled within 5000 yuan.
the workshop rental cost varies from city to city.
the initial capital is 30000 yuan.
but you must find a strong and honest manufacturer to borrow the manufacturer's platform in the form of agent, The manufacturer provides all technical guidance.

development route: sales, installation, commissioning, repair, maintenance and other one-stop services (1-2 engineering and installation personnel are required).
the company's development route is as follows:
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