Desktop computer wants to use LCD TV as display screen, what are the disadvantages?
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The resolution of TV is different from that of computer
The resolution of a TV is different from that of a computer. You can see the effect after installing it. Besides, when you turn off the TV, you have to turn off the TV by yourself, instead of turning off the monitor to automatically stand by.

Desktop computer wants to use LCD TV as display screen, what are the disadvantages?

the difference between the resolution of a TV and the resolution of a LCD TV is twice that of a dot pitch.
currently, the mainstream TV is 1366 * 768 and 1920 * 1080, even a 55 inch TV, The resolution of LCD is much higher than that of LCD.
the 21.5-inch wide screen has 1920 * 1080 resolution, while the mainstream 22 inch resolution is 1680 * 1050.
you can see the resolution of the same size screen, LCD is much higher than LCD TV.

take 30 inch LCD and 32 inch LCD TV as an example.
the resolution of 30 inch LCD is 2560 * 1600.
the dot distance is 0.254; The mainstream 32 inch LCD TV is 1366 * 768, and the dot pitch is 0.5185mm.
the size difference is only 2 inches.
the difference between resolution and dot pitch is about twice.

this means that if the two products are connected to the computer at the same time, the display will display twice as much content (single screen) as the TV, and the display font is smaller, The image display is more delicate.
this gap is also related to the different use modes of the two.
at present, the mainstream of domestic TV signal standard (TV standard) is still PAL system.
PAL system stipulates 625 lines of horizontal scanning.
in terms of this standard, the resolution of 1366 * 768 is enough for TV.
in this case, the resolution of 1366 * 768 is enough for TVIn addition,
the TV displays dynamic images. At a distance of more than 3 meters, the detail blur caused by resolution and signal is acceptable.
however, the display is completely different.
the static image is the main display object, and the requirement for picture fineness is greatly improved at a shorter distance.
in addition,
higher resolution, It can make the display have a higher single screen display capacity, which will be more convenient in use.

conclusion: LCD TV is not suitable for use as a computer monitor.
conversely, LCD TV is also not suitable for use as a TV.
if someone wants to tell you later, buy a large LCD and go home to be a TV operator; Or sell a large LCD TV, and go home to pick up the computer host as a monitor.
you can directly tell him: This is not appropriate.
at this time.
some netizens may ask, many people buy a host to connect the LCD TV, and do HD computer (home theater personal computer) as a monitor, which is also very good, there is nothing wrong with it? Please pay attention to two points. HD computers are mainly used for playing movies. When playing movies, the brightness and color mentioned above are higher, However, it has become an advantage.
the last problem of gray scale loss.
it can also be greatly corrected by soft adjustment.
a more perfect display effect can be obtained.
finally, I want to mention that: LCD with TV function.
as mentioned before.
there are all differences between the two kinds of products from the mode of use to the internal signal adjustment, Can LCD with TV function please both sides? The answer is No.
the author has evaluated many LCD displays with TV function.
in this paper, the LCD display with TV function has been evaluatedI've never seen products that support both modes perfectly, and I've seen a lot of products that don't "please" both sides because both modes support poorly.
first of all.
the first problem of LCD with TV function is that the color on the display is too light and the brightness is too low to compare with the real LCD TV, especially when compared with the real LCD TV.
it's even worse
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