The difficulty of making your own LED display
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First of all: it's not necessarily low cost to do it yourself( Especially in raw material procurement)
First of all, the cost is not necessarily low if you do it yourself.

The difficulty of making your own LED display

(especially in the aspect of raw material procurement)
village materials: unit board, frame, power cable, network cable, power supply, cable, serial port, control card.

Tools: cross screwdriver.
pistol drill, sleeve, Cable clip.

I guess what you want to do is P10 monochrome display screen, so.
material: No.
just a computer.

as for how to make words.
it's hard to say.
but it's also very simple.
that is to create a new document in the control software, Then you can type.

I'll tell you a big problem.
every screen has to be debugged.
even if you have finished the screen.
the software is installed.
you can't light it up.
because there are a lot of data in the software that need to be modified.
otherwise, communication can't be sent.
(this needs to be done by professionals.
otherwise, LED manufacturers don't have to do it.
there is another one It's not a big problem, it's not a small problem.
if the unit board you buy has no problem, it's best, but no matter how good the manufacturer is, His unit board will also have one or two blind spots.
this blind spot.
you will not repair it.
it's neither beautiful nor refreshing to leave it.

ask the raw material manufacturer first.
add me QQ: 438141142.
I'll give you the lowest price.
free installation in Guangzhou (only limited to hoisting and installation) According to your data,
you should make a semi outdoor P10 monochrome display, so the specific data of the screen should be 3.916m * 0.716m, isn't your father amazing,So exercise your innovation ability
maybe your father thinks other people's homes are made by himself, but in fact they are all made to order by manufacturers or by signboards, advertisements and weak current companies
if you do it yourself, you need to prepare a lot of materials. It's not cost-effective and you don't have to do it well
it is suggested that you go to some local brand stores with LED display production companies, so you don't have to do it. If it breaks down in the future, ask them to help repair it!,
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