What color is the LCD screen
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General LCD
The liquid crystal panel of ordinary liquid crystal display mainly consists of backlight and liquid crystal to emit light.
the backlight is generally CCFL. Recently, LED is pessimistic.

What color is the LCD screen

CCFL emits ordinary visible light.
the light that can be chromatographed through prism, In fact, you can see white light with the naked eye.
the LED backlight has w led
and RGB LED.
however, it seems that the color gamut of RGB is a little higher.

the above is backlight.
it is white with the naked eye.
the second is liquid crystal, which has no color.
ordinary TN panel can emit 16.2M light.
about 162 million colors, The high-end panel like PVA can emit 16.7M light, about 167 million colors.
for ordinary people, it's almost the same.
if you don't compare, you don't feel much.

the above is the LCD panel.
I think the answer is enough.
if you don't know anything, please ask me again.

good luck
Only a pattern can be displayed in a segment.
and only a fixed pattern can be displayed in a fixed position. To display a changeable number, you need to display several patterns to form a number. The advantage is that you can display any pattern you want, The disadvantage is that the pattern can't change the shape and position.

the principle of dot matrix is the same as that of segment.
it also shows the fixed pattern in the fixed position, but it shows the small black squares with high density, so it can be combined into various patterns, shapes and fonts according to your needs, and the position and shape can also be changed according to your combination, This is also its advantage
If you want to say which is good.
it depends on where you use it. If it is used as an instrument, it must be a good rank, simple, intuitive and clear; If you want to display more changes, you need to use dot matrix.

the color of the backlight is different because the color of the light bulb is different.
however, it seems that it is not on the back, but on both sides.

the process of the two kinds of displays on your picture is different.
segment type is directly displayed on the screen, Just like pasting the content onto the screen with double-sided adhesive tape, the dot and segment type seems to be composed of two layers of transparent glass with liquid (non professionals, so they don't know what the liquid is). Its content is displayed in the liquid inside, just like two pieces of glass with a word, so there is a shadow under the word; As for backlight, please refer to Article 2.

4 and Article 1.
paragraph can only display fixed content in a fixed position, so those two words are just a pattern painted on it.

there seems to be no pixel in the dot and paragraph style.
only screen size, because it's just a board to paste what you put in.

When the light is not on.
the liquid crystal can only be seen by external light source, just like the words you write on paper. When there is no light at night, you can't see it. When there is daylight in the daytime, you don't have to wait to see it clearly.

in fact, I'm not a professional.
when I see your problems, I type out my own understanding, and hope I can help you.
I'm not a professional
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