What's the matter with LCD TV flash screen
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According to your description, there are the following aspects:
Hello, according to your description, there are the following aspects:
first, the image flickers and the backlight is normal: when the flickering screen appears, you can pull off the screen line to observe the backlight.
if the backlight does not flicker.

What's the matter with LCD TV flash screen

the normal lighting indicates that the flickering screen we see is the image jumping, the fault is in the screen, not in the backlight.

second Image normal backlight flickering: if the white screen appears when the screen cable is removed.
and the white screen flickers, it indicates that the backlight has a problem. This kind of situation is generally caused by the loss of capacity of the filter capacitor, which leads to the instability of the + 12V power supply of the high voltage board.

III After replacing the lamp, the LCD screen flashes: it needs to be disassembled to measure whether the + 12V voltage is stable.
check whether the lamp has any problem.
the root cause of this kind of fault is that the replaced lamp is not made by the same manufacturer.
there are differences in characteristics.
at this time, we need to disconnect the adj signal sent by the driver board.
connect + 5V directly through resistance to change the adj backlight adjustment signal to level control, The frequency of high-voltage output is not synchronized with the frequency of the lamp.

4. LED lamp is damaged: in this case, you can only contact the maintenance shop of the brand and ask professional maintenance personnel for maintenance LCD TV internal high-voltage board chip damage: this kind of situation will lead to high-voltage board voltage output to the screen instability.
this may also lead to flash phenomenon.

hope to help the landlord! In other cases, the circuit part of LCD screen, especially the driver chip, is slightly damaged.
in another case, the control and driver board of LCD TV has problems.

in the above cases.
generally, it is not recommended to repair it by yourself, but to find a professional repair shop or return to the factory for repair.

daily maintenance of LCD TV
1. Daily use.
2Avoid continuous and long-time work, and try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time.

like CRT TV.
LCD can also cause internal aging or burn out due to long-time work, especially if the same picture is displayed for a long time.
If a fixed content is continuously displayed for a long time.
it may cause some LCD pixels to overheat, This damage is irreversible and cannot be repaired.

therefore, attention should be paid to: turn off the display when not in use.
turn off the display when not in use; If you don't use it for the time being, you can choose the screen saver or turn down the brightness of the display.
however, these protectors only protect the LCD screen.
the lamp at the back is still working, so it's safer to turn off the display directly.

2 The environment should be kept dry and far away from chemicals.

if the TV is placed in a high humidity environment,
the inside of the appliance will condense, which is easy to cause electric leakage, short circuit, etc.
if the moisture enters the LCD screen accidentally,
the TV must be replaced in a warmer place, so that the moisture in it can evaporate.

hair gel used in the home Mosquito killers are highly volatile chemicals.
they can also cause damage to the LCD screen, so stay away from the LCD TV as far as possible.
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