What is a TFT display?
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TFT (thin film transistor) is a kind of active matrix liquid crystal display.
it can "actively" control each independent pixel on the screen.
this can greatly improve the reaction time.

What is a TFT display?

generally, the reaction time of TFT is faster.
about 80 ms, and the viewing angle is large, which can reach about 130 degrees, It is mainly used in high-end products.
the so-called thin film field effect transistor (TFT).
refers to that every liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is driven by the thin film transistor integrated behind it.
so that the screen information can be displayed with high speed, high brightness and high contrast.
TFT belongs to active matrix liquid crystal display.
in technology, it adopts the "active matrix" mode to drive, The method is to use the transistor electrode made of thin film technology, and use the scanning method to "actively pull" to control the on and off of any display point. When the light source irradiates, it first penetrates upward through the lower polarizing plate, and then transmits light with the help of liquid crystal molecules, The purpose of display is achieved by shading and transmitting light.

TFT-LCD is a thin film transistor liquid crystal display.
that is, true color (TFT).
TFT liquid crystal has a semiconductor switch for each pixel.
each pixel can be directly controlled by point pulse, so each node is relatively independent and can be continuously controlled, It not only improves the reaction speed of the display screen, but also precisely controls the color level of the display, so the color of TFT LCD is more true.
TFT LCD is characterized by good brightness, high contrast, strong sense of hierarchy and bright color.
however, it also has the disadvantages of high power consumption and high cost.
TFT LCD technology accelerates the development of mobile phone color screen.
TFT LCD technology accelerates the development of mobile phone color screenMany of the new generation of color screen mobile phones support 65536 color displays.
some even support 160000 color displays. At this time, the advantages of TFT's high contrast and rich colors are very important.

TFT liquid crystal displays mainly include fluorescent tubes, light guide plates, polarizing plates, filter plates, glass substrates, alignment films, liquid crystal materials Thin mode transistor and so on.
first of all, you need to know what IPS means.
it means "Eppie", and TFT means "kicksuit kick". They are different stages of the pop music world.
IPS was born after the birth of TFT.
in the past, TFTs were all TN, and later, IPS and derivative FFS were produced for the music world to have a bigger perspective and more beautiful appearance in different directions; TN can hear wavy lines without listening, and IPS is OK.
and TFT is just a small switch.
as soon as it is turned on and off, IPS will sing and sing.
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