panel type
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LED backlight refers to the light source behind the display screen
LED backlight refers to the light source behind the display screen, generally with the lamp! It has nothing to do with resolution.

panel type

LED backlight is said to have better color! My monitor is a light tube, and my laptop is the backlight of LED.
I can't see the difference in color. How can I classify the LED display
2. Dual primary color display screen: red and green dual primary colors.
256 gray levels, 65536 colors can be displayed.

3. Full color display screen: red, green, white and yellow Blue three primary colors.
256 gray level full color display screen can display more than 16 million colors.

by display device
1. LED digital display: display device is a 7-segment code nixie tube.
suitable for making clock screen, interest rate screen, etc, Electronic display screen for displaying numbers.

2. LED dot matrix graphic display screen: the display device is a dot matrix display module composed of many evenly arranged light-emitting diodes.
it is suitable for playing text and image information.

3. LED video display screen: the display device is composed of many light-emitting diodes.
it can display video, image and other information Animation and other video files.

according to the use situation
1. Indoor display screen: small luminous point.
general φ 3mm-- φ 2. Semi outdoor display: the pixel size is between indoor and outdoor display; It is commonly used in banks.
on the lintel of shopping malls or hospitals.

3. Outdoor display screen: the area is generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters.
2High brightness, can work in the sun, with windproof, rainproof, waterproof functions.

according to the diameter and spacing of light spots
1 φ 3mm、 φ 3.75mm、 φ 5 mm,
2. Outdoor screen (divided by spacing): PH10, pH12, ph14, PH16, PH20, ph25, ph31.25, ph37.5...
classified by series
1. Led curtain wall screen.
LED soft screen, LED floor screen, led stripe screen, LED box screen (both electronic screen and traditional screen), led ultra-thin screen, led arc screen (both abnormal screen)
Shenzhen Sitong,
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