How to protect LCD
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1. Try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time
1. Try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time.
like CRT display, LCD will cause internal aging or burn out due to long-time work, especially if the same picture is displayed for a long time.

How to protect LCD

If a fixed content is continuously displayed for a long time.
it may cause some pixels to overheat and burn out, This kind of damage is irreversible and cannot be repaired.
therefore, we should pay attention to: turn off the display when there is nothing to do.
turn off the display when there is nothing to do; If you have nothing to do for the time being, choose the screen saver.
or turn down the brightness of the display screen.
or make the screen white; However, this only protects the LCD, and the light tube at the back is still working, so I prefer to turn off the display directly, and that's all.

2. It's usually best to use the recommended best resolution
which is quite different from CRT! The traditional CRT display adopts progressive scanning mode.
there is no big problem in resolution; The display principle of LCD is completely different from that of CRT.
it is a direct one-to-one pixel corresponding display mode.
the LCD working at the best resolution converts the analog display signal output by the graphics card into a display signal with specific address information (the absolute address of the pixel on the screen), and then sends it to the LCD board, Some of them are similar to memory addressing and writing.
if there is a DVI interface on the graphics card, the display signal will be directly output to the digital interface of the LCD.
this new display mode will not have any pixel loss, and the output signal of the graphics card will be perfectly displayed.
this new display mode will be able to display the output signal of the graphics cardHowever.
when the screen is smaller than the best resolution, LCD displays in two ways, one is center display, for example, the best resolution is 1024 × 768's LCD displays at 800 × When the resolution is 600, it's just 800 in the middle × 600 pixels to display the picture, with shadow around. Because the signal resolution is one-to-one correspondence, the picture is clear. The only regret is that the picture is too small; The other is to expand the scale of 800 × The image of 600 is expanded to 1024 by calculation × 768 resolution, because the processed signal and pixels are not one-to-one corresponding, although the picture is large, it is fuzzy.
no matter which display method is not ideal.
so I strongly recommend the recommended maximum resolution in fact, pay attention to this when using electrical appliances.
it's very simple.
when the humidity is high, there will be condensation inside the electrical appliances, and after condensation, there will be leakage and short circuit.
LCD should also pay attention to this.
do not put the LCD in a wet place, if the humidity has entered the LCD, It must be put in a warm place to let the moisture evaporate.
the hair gel commonly used by people and the mosquito killer frequently used in summer will also damage the liquid crystal molecules and even the whole display.
it will shorten the life of the whole display, and try to avoid contact with water and chemicals.
this is not difficult for everyone.

4 Put an end to some bad habits
the biggest bad habit is often pointing at the screen with your hand.
LCD is very delicate, so don't touch it casually when it costs several thousand yuanGenerally speaking,
LCD is relatively light, and it's not funny if it's knocked over accidentally.
there's another point to note.
the power consumption of LCD is relatively small, but the voltage of transformer behind LCD is still very high; Special attention should be paid to safety. Do not open the back cover of the monitor when it is charged.
even after the power is off.
the retained instantaneous voltage is very high, The CFL transformer in the backlight assembly still has a high voltage of about 1000V.
in the LCD, the only part that will be gradually consumed is the backlight lamp.
after long-term use, you may find that the screen is not so bright, or it is completely dark, which is not a serious problem, Just change a new backlight.
for LCD, which is an unusual product, DIYer had better not deal with it by itself. It's better to take it to a computer company or a professional maintenance station for repair.
in short.
don't show the big problem of using CRT on LCD again.

5 LCD screen cleaning
baby LCD has been used for a long time.
the screen will be dirty and become a big face. What should I do? The correct way to clean up is to take a soft cloth with a little glass cleaner and carefully wipe off the stains (if there is no cleaner, use water). The force of wiping should be light, Otherwise, the monitor screen will be damaged due to short circuit.
in this process, do not let water flow into the interface between the screen and the screen frame.
in order to avoid short circuit and burning the monitor.
also, do not use hard towel to scrub the screen surface.
in order to avoid fuzzing the screen surface and affecting the display effect.
cleaning the display screen should be done at a fixed time.
it is necessary to clean the screenFrequent scrubbing is also wrong, which will also cause some adverse effects on the display screen.
in addition,
to deal with some oil stains that can not be wiped off, I have a secret: use transparent glue, paste it on the screen, and then remove it. The pasted place on the screen is very clean, and the oil stains are stuck on the transparent glue.
(for reference only!) in the process of using LCD, we should take care of her and abandon the careless use of CRT, Keep the original good habits.
use the recommended best resolution.
let the display effect reach the best.
if the maintenance is better.
a LCD can be used for more than ten years.
finally, I hope you can use and maintain your LCD well.
bring more fun to your work and life
water is the "natural enemy" of liquid crystal
as we all know, once the liquid crystal screen of the electronic watch is filled with water or placed in a place with high humidity, The number of digits in the display screen will become very fuzzy.
therefore, LCD, as a member of LCD, is also afraid of water.
so do not let anything with moisture enter the LCD.
of course.
once this happens, do not panic.
if you find that there is only fog on the screen surface before starting the machine.
gently wipe it off with a soft cloth, Then turn it on.
if the water has entered the LCD,
then "bake it dry."
of course, it's not on the fire.
just put the LCD in a warmer place, such as under a desk lamp, and gradually evaporate the water inside.
now brand manufacturers pay great attention to after-sale service.
LG Philips and other service providers all over the country.
if the screen "flooding" situation is more serious.
if the screen "flooding" situation is more seriousIt's better for ordinary users to call the service provider for help.
serious moisture will damage the LCD components, especially when the LCD containing humidity is powered on, it will lead to the corrosion of the LCD electrode, causing permanent damage.
although the LCD price has been reduced.
it's still expensive, so don't be reckless.

turn off the display if you have nothing to do.
use it reasonably Effective maintenance is very important for the service life of LCD.
some CRT vendors publicize that although LCD is good, it has a short service life and does not last long, so as to mislead those customers who want to buy LCD.
in fact.
the service life of most LCDs is never shorter or even longer than CRT.
of course.
like CRT monitors, LCDs will burn out if they are used for a long time, However, most users don't pay much attention to this problem.
nowadays, many users turn off the display at different times after power off for convenience, which will seriously damage the life of the display.
generally speaking,
don't keep the LCD on for a long time (more than 72 hours in a row). If not, it's better to turn it off, Or turn down the brightness.
the pixels of LCD are made up of many liquid crystals.
long time continuous use will cause crystal aging or burning out.
once damage occurs.
it is permanent and irreparable, Therefore, enough attention should be paid to this problem.
LCD has another feature when displaying images.
If a fixed content is displayed continuously for a long time, some LCD pixels will overheat and cause damage, which should also be paid attention to.
of course.
although these consequences sound a bit terrible,But because it's easy to avoid it, users don't have to worry about it.
for example,
turn off the monitor if you have nothing to do (even if CRT is turned on for a long time, it won't bring good results); Pay attention to the operation of the screen saver or let it display all white screen content; Don't let the brightness of the display be too high. If you touch the LCD with your fingers, the screen will produce circles of water ripples, which is the common phenomenon of LCD. If you touch the LCD directly or forcefully, the LCD will become more and more fragile, It is easy to cause damage to small circuits and devices on LCD, and the most common situation is to produce so-called "bad spots"
and the method of wiping the display with a rag is simply "serious damage" to LCD.
pay attention when using detergent.
do not spray the detergent directly on the screen, It may flow into the screen and cause a short circuit.
the correct way is to gently wipe the screen with a soft cloth and a detergent.
the anti-collision ability of LCD is very small. Many crystals and sensitive electrical components will be damaged when they are hit. This kind of damage, whether it damages small electronic components or the whole screen, has only one consequence, You can buy another one out of your pocket.
of course.
the best way is to protect the LCD from these injuries and wipe the screen, so you can match the expensive LCD with a protective screen! It is understood that at present, there is an Aimu mirror protection screen launched by Beijing people due to science and technology, which not only protects the LCD display, but also has the ability to filter 99.7% of the residual radiation of the LCD display,In addition, the protection screen can also increase the visual contrast under strong light, reduce the blurring phenomenon of LCD in the sun, and then reduce the damage of UV to LCD, Make the LCD display more healthy.

use the LCD with self-knowledge.
do not remove it at any time.
like other electronic products.
high voltage will be generated inside the LCD.
the CFL AC in the LCD background lighting element may still have a voltage as high as 1000V after a long time of shutdown.
it is absolutely a dangerous value for the body's electrical resistance of only 36V, The harm it may cause to human body can be imagined.
never attempt to dismantle or change the LCD screen, which is not the scope of DIY's "game". "
even if there is no harm to human body.
for LCD, temporary or permanent" loss of working ability "is inevitable.
users fiddle with CPU and graphics card when they are free.
it is harmless, Generally speaking,
well-known brands have excellent quality and good service support.
ordinary users should also have the easiest way to purchase high-profile liquid crystal displays, such as LG, Sony, EMC, etc., as traditional display manufacturers, Their quality is absolutely first-class.
moreover, these brands are accompanied by excellent service level.
users can really feel at ease when using such products, and they don't have to spend too much energy on the LCD maintenance work they are not familiar with.
in this paper, we introduce the design and implementation of LCD maintenance system
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