Several layers of LCD TV screen
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Don't answer the questions if you don't understand.
Don't answer the questions if you don't understand<

Several layers of LCD TV screen

the difference between LCD and LCD is that LCD is only a component. LCD is also called LCD module, which refers to the display component used in LCD or other instruments, and has the same status as CRT. Liquid crystal display (LCD) is a display made by adding many circuits to the periphery of LCD. The size of LCD screen is as small as 1 inch (for calculator) and as large as 65 inches (Sharp LCD TV can be mass produced). It can be loaded on electronic devices such as calculator, digital camera or video camera, or it can be used as the display of computer or LCD TV. As long as there is corresponding hardware circuit to support it, it can work
the specific price is determined by the size and performance of the screen, and the price often varies greatly. I don't know what kind of screen you need, so I can't give you a specific price. But you need only screen should not use it, just a screen can not play the role of display, must be hardware circuit support
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