What's the difference between LCD TV and ordinary LCD?
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The basic principle of LCD and LCD TV used in computer is actually the same.
In fact, the basic principles of LCD and LCD TV are the same.

What's the difference between LCD TV and ordinary LCD?

there are many factors.
to sum up, there are the following points.
take 27 inch LCD and 32 inch TV as examples:
① the cost of cutting technology.
the cost of 27 inch panel is more expensive than that of 32 inch panel, because 27 inch panel is not the mainstream size. When panel manufacturers cut, the cost of 27 inch panel is higher than that of 32 inch panel, Waste is relatively large, 32 inch is the mainstream size, cutting economy for example, the resolution of 30 inch display is 2560x1600, Most 32 inch TVs have a resolution of 1366x768.
the larger the resolution is, the clearer the image will be.
try adjusting the resolution of the computer to the maximum and minimum.

B. color saturation.
the color saturation of the LCD is much better than that of the LCD.
the performance of the same picture on the LCD is much more delicate than that on the LCD.
therefore LCD TV can't replace LCD if it is used for drawing.

C. the distance between dots is different.
the distance between dots of LCD is smaller than that of LCD TV.
in short, the smaller the distance between dots, the more fine the picture will be.

D. contrast and brightness.
DIn this respect,
LCD TV is going to be dominant.
this is why when you watch TV or movies on the LCD screen,
the darker the scene is, the darker you feel.
in the comparison of movies,
only in terms of color restoration, The color restoration of the display is undoubtedly more accurate.
however, the entertainment of the film mainly depends on the accuracy of the color.
under certain color performance, the field of vision is wider, and the contrast between light and shade is stronger, so as to enhance the scene feeling of the film, The resolution of LCD TV screen itself is usually 1366x768 or 1920x1080.
LCD TV only supports three computer signal formats: 640x480 / 60Hz, 800x600 / 60Hz and 1024x768 / 60Hz; Ordinary computer LCD is usually 1024x7681440x900 and so on, with a variety of display formats and refresh rate
3) the response time is different.
the response time of LCD TV screen is less than 8 ms; However, the response time of computer LCD is longer.

4) the image quality is different.
using LCD TV as computer display.
the signal will be processed by contrast, chroma and noise reduction; However, the computer LCD will not do these processes.
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