How to protect the night scene display?
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There is a layer of film on the surface of LCD screen, which is easy to wear when hard objects are stressed, but the film can be replaced.
There is a layer of film on the surface of the LCD, which is easy to wear when hard objects are stressed, but that film can be replaced.

How to protect the night scene display?

you can buy a protective film and stick it on the screen.

first of all.
keep the water away from the LCD.
once the LCD is flooded or placed in a place with high humidity.
the LCD display will become very blurred, and the more serious moisture will damage the LCD components, Especially when the LCD containing humidity is powered on, it will lead to the corrosion of the LCD electrode, causing permanent damage.
therefore, do not let anything with moisture into the LCD.
of course.
once this happens, do not panic.
if it is found that there is only fog on the surface of the screen before power on.
gently wipe it off with a soft cloth, Then turn it on.
if the water has entered the LCD.
then, just put the LCD in a warm place, such as under a desk lamp, and gradually evaporate the water inside.

do not touch the LCD with your fingers.
if you touch the LCD with your fingers.
the screen will produce circles of water ripples. If you touch the LCD with too much force, It is easy to cause damage to the small circuits and devices on the LCD, and the most common situation is to produce the so-called "bad spots."
in addition,
the LCD should be cleaned correctly, and the cleaning cloth should not be used to wipe the LCD, otherwise, it will cause damage to the LCD.
when using the cleaning agent, you should also pay attention to it.
do not spray the cleaning agent directly on the screen, It may flow into the screen and cause a short circuit.
the correct way is to gently wipe the screen with a soft cloth and detergent.
in short.
the anti-collision ability of LCD is very small,Many crystals and sensitive electrical components will be damaged when they are hit, small ones will damage very small electronic components, and large ones will make the whole LCD useless.
if you don't want the LCD to be damaged by wiping the screen.
then give the LCD a protection screen<

finally, the LCD users should be reminded that the pixels of the LCD are made up of many liquid crystals. If the LCD is used continuously for a long time, the crystal will be aged or burnt out.
the LCD should not be turned on for a long time. Please turn off the LCD immediately after using the computer, In order to prolong the life of LCD.
there will be a film to protect the screen.
you can buy it in the store,
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