The problem of computer LCD?
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When cleaning, you should use deerskin or high-grade eyewear cloth to gently wipe,
When cleaning, wipe it gently with deerskin or high-grade eyewear cloth to remove the dust.

The problem of computer LCD?

for fingerprints and oil stains on the LCD screen.

special cleaner for LCD screen should be used.

attention should be paid when using cleaner.

wipe it from the center of the screen until the cleaner on the screen is cleaned.

1 The selection of cleaning agents and wipes
let's take a look at the commonly used cleaning methods at present.
there are mainly eight kinds:
1. Clean with anhydrous alcohol
2. Clean with silk stockings and purified water
3. Clean with soft eyewear cloth
4. Wet wipe with cotton towel.
wipe with dry high-quality toilet paper
5. Use camera lens paper
6. Go to the shopping mall to buy one for pure water The special wiping cloth for flat color TV screen
7. Deerskin
8. Cotton
let's take a look at these eight methods first. In fact, they all have a common point, that is, to select appropriate cleaners and wipes respectively for cleaning.
we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cleaners and wipes respectively, To combine the best cleaning method.

feasibility of using anhydrous alcohol: no
I often hear that other people use alcohol to clean the monitor screen.
generally speaking.
alcohol is a common organic solvent, It can dissolve some dirt that is not easy to wipe off.
in fact, it's better to clean the monitor shell.
but don't use alcohol to clean the monitor screen.
because now some high-end monitors are coated with special coating on the screen.
it can make the monitor have better display effect,Wiping the monitor screen with alcohol will dissolve this special coating,

the feasibility of using purified water: clean the display screen with clean water should be the most economical and effective method.
of course, if you use purified water, the effect should be better.
but sometimes if there is some dirt on the screen.
it seems that it is far from enough to clean the screen with purified water, Therefore, we need to choose a special cleaner.

feasibility of special cleaner: according to the brand,
choosing a special cleaner should be one of the most effective cleaning methods for the display screen.
of course.
how to choose a good cleaner also needs to pay attention to, we need to grasp several key points:
1, No residual inorganic salt cleaner
2. No alcohol, ammonia cleaner
3. Cleaner that does not damage the surface coating of multilayer film
4. It's better to keep the screen clean and bright and prolong the service life
how? It sounds very complicated. In fact, there are some professional cleaners on the market, such as 3M clean foam and professional anti-static, But they are more expensive.
of course.
we can also choose some cheaper ones. For example, the ones sold in the computer city now mainly include detergent and cleaning paste, and they all have different sizes.
the big cleaner is 400ml
7 yuan / bottle.
the small cleaner is 350ml, 5 yuan / bottle; However, when choosing, you should ask each brand whether they meet the above four key points, and choose the best one.
in addition.
in additionWe can also choose the general neutral cleaning spray, which is quite good to use.

toothpaste cleaning feasibility: except for the part of the display screen,
of course.
toothpaste can not be directly used on the surface of the display screen, However, it is quite cheap and effective to clean the monitor case.
you can squeeze a little on the rag.
wipe the stubborn stains on the monitor case to ensure immediate effect.
before, I used it to clean my beloved machine.
it always lasts for a long time and never feels dusty.
and the choice of toothpaste is no longer the more expensive the better, but the cheaper the more common the better, It's not good for cleaning objects to add more fluorine, Chinese herbal medicine and other chemicals.
I insist on using the time-honored Zhonghua toothpaste.

after discussing the detergent.
we need to discuss the wipes, which is easier, because the wipes on the display screen are required to be soft and not scratch the surface, which is the most important. There are many wipes we can choose, For example: clean cotton, clean eyewear cloth, flat color TV screen special cloth and so on.
here I recommend clean cotton or eyewear cloth.
and then with the above cleaner to clean.
in addition.
we can also choose a variety of auxiliary cleaning tools, so that our monitor can be more clean, the use of these tools is actually very simple, I won't say much, You can see

our focus is to clean the monitor screen, which is actually very simple. For general maintenance, use clean cotton cloth, mirror wiping paper, dry face paper, dry flannel cloth or wet flannel cloth dipped with a small amount of water to carefully wipe from the center of the screen to the outside.
never use chemical solution such as alcohol to wipe, let alone rough cloth Use paper and other items to wipe the display screen.
the screen should be cleanedDo not spray the liquid directly on the screen to prevent moisture from entering the inside of the monitor.
if the monitor is very dirty.
spray some neutral detergent on a soft towel or cotton paper, Then gently wipe the screen.
do not spray the cleaner directly on the screen.
unless you want the cleaner to drip into the inside of the display and seriously damage the electronic equipment.
of course.
these rules also apply to other parts of the display.

LCD is becoming more and more popular, However, many people still have some misunderstandings in cleaning LCD.

the surface of LCD screen is much more fragile than that of ordinary CRT display.
it is better to choose a special screen cleaning cloth.
this kind of screen cleaning cloth has good water absorption and good dust absorption power.
dust can be easily absorbed on the cloth, and will not re stick to the screen in repeated wiping, It won't scratch the LCD screen with dust particles.
some computer stores sell cleaning suits.
just a few yuan. There are small brushes, sprays and cloth. They are all professional,
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