LCD TV display variety
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Now generally do screen manufacturers have
Now the general screen manufacturers are soft screen, sharp of Japan, Samsung of Korea, hard screen, LG of Taiwan, Youda and Qimei of Taiwan. These are the main screen manufacturers. Many of Konka's TVs are made of Qimei of Taiwan. The light leakage of energy-saving screen is relatively serious. Now it is generally recognized that it is sharp's, but it is not very good for Samsung's screen At present, many of Sony and domestic TCL 404652 use Samsung's

LCD TV display variety

for example, Skyworth mainly uses LG as hard screen. If you choose 4247, it will not be Samsung's and sharp's screen. Sharp also doesn't produce 42 screens, and both use 404652 as Samsung's>

the backlight of LCD TV has been replaced by LED, that is, LED can directly convert electric energy into energy efficiency

the current LED TV can only be called LED backlight. The LCD TV screens in the market are domestic and imported! At present, Taiwan screen is generally used for joint venture and domestic LCD with low price.
LCD is LCD! There is no led.
LED is also called light emitting diode.
it is a kind of backlight principle.
LCD imaging is mainly a back light source.
the screen used by Sony is a joint venture with Samsung.
the brands mentioned above in domestic TV are good.
to compare the price performance with LCD screen.
{there are several kinds of screens, and "LG" "Samsung" and "Taiwan" are more common.
there are two kinds of LCD screensI personally think sharp is better,
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