What's the difference between a computer screen and a TV?
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1、 General computer monitor and TV have the following differences:
1、 Generally, there are the following differences between computer monitor and TV set:
1. The scanning frequency is different: the TV set is 50 Hz and the monitor is above 60 Hz
2. The display resolution is different. The maximum 625 lines are scanned horizontally for TV, but the display is much higher
3. The scanning mode is different, the TV is interlaced scanning, and the display is progressive scanning there is a trend of mutual integration:

What's the difference between a computer screen and a TV?

1. TV has the function of display, such as over 60Hz frequency, high resolution, progressive scanning, VGA interface, etc, This kind of TV can also be used as a monitor.

2. Some of the monitors also have TV, AV and other TV interfaces.
it can be used as a TV.

3 The old TV is used as a monitor: install a video card with TV function on the computer.
connect the AV interface on the video card with the AV interface on the TV.
the disadvantage is that the resolution is too low.
it's OK to watch movies, and you can't see the characters clearly.

2 The old-fashioned monitor can be used as a TV set: a TV signal conversion device needs to be installed to watch the TV programs of the cable TV network.
otherwise, it can only watch the network TV.

3. The TV set with VGA function can be used as a monitor: just connect the VGA display cable of the computer to the TV set.

4 The monitor with TV function can be used as a TV: just connect the cable TV cable to the TV interface on the display.
tnit is called twisted nematic panelLow production cost makes tn the most widely used entry-level LCD panel, and it is widely used in the mainstream low-end LCD displays on the market.
at present, most of the TN panels we see are improved TN + film.
film is the compensation film, which is used to make up for the lack of viewing angle of TN panel. At present, the viewing angle of improved TN panel is up to 160 degrees, Of course, this is the limit value measured by the manufacturer when the contrast ratio is 10:1. In fact, when the contrast ratio drops to 100:1, the image has appeared distortion or even color deviation.
as a 6-bit panel,
TN panel can only display 64 colors of red / Green / blue, and the maximum actual color is only 262.144. Through the "dithering" technology, it can obtain more than 16 million colors, It can only display three primary colors from 0 to 252 gray scale, so the final color display number information is 16.2 m color, instead of 16.7 m color as we usually call true color; In addition, it is difficult to improve the contrast of TN panel, which directly exposes the problems of thin color, poor reduction ability and unnatural transition.
the advantage of TN panel is that the number of output gray classes is small.
the liquid crystal molecule deflection speed is fast, and the response time is easy to improve, In addition, Samsung has also developed a b-tn (best TN) panel.
it is actually an improved TN panel, In order to balance the high-speed response of TN panel, it is necessary to sacrifice the contradiction of image quality.
at the same time, the contrast can reach 700 ∶ 1.
it can be close to MVA or early PVA panel.
many panel manufacturers in Taiwan produce TN panel.
TN panel belongs to soft screen, and similar watermarks will appear when you swipe gently with your hand.
the design of TN panel is simple and accurate.
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