What is LCD advertising machine? What's the difference between it and LCD TV?
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1. The advertising machine is better than TV in display quality and effect;
1. The advertising machine is better than TV in display quality and effect; 2. Advertising machine can enhance the brand image of enterprises more than TV; 3. Advertising machine is safer than TV structure; 4. The function of advertising machine is more perfect than that of TV; 5. The performance of advertising machine is more stable than that of TV; 6. Advertising machine has higher brightness than TV.
first, driven by the multimedia information publishing system.

What is LCD advertising machine? What's the difference between it and LCD TV?

the display effect of commercial display is more beautiful and has a sense of visual impact.
the display effect of commercial display is more bright and atmospheric, and its contrast rate is better than that of residential TV.
another significant feature of commercial display is.
no matter what the screen orientation is, When compared with the TV which is not suitable for stereo use, its perspective will be much wider.
2. There is a media player in the advertising machine.
users can enjoy complete control over the content of the display without being disturbed by complex systems.
in addition.
the security of products and content is also a very important issue.
3 One difference between advertising machine and TV is that the digital label display has a solid metal sleeve.
the LCD panel is protected by a glass layer that can adjust the temperature.
the screen needs a lockable cell.
in order to place the internal memory and USB interface, or the screen needs an internal flash card to prevent the content from being tampered with.
4 As LCD advertising machine digital signs generally appear in open space.
the lighting is good, the brightness of home TV and civil display is difficult to meet the demand, so highlight is also a major feature of LCD advertising machine | Internet advertising machine | digital signs, and the cost is difficult to estimate.
5. As we all know.
TV usually uses plastic shell, which is only suitable for daily useful goods; And our advertising machine,All the shells are made of non burning materials, which only deforms and does not support combustion in case of open fire, thus greatly increasing the safety in public places.
LCD advertising machine adopts LCD display to play video ads.
it is especially suitable for high-end brand's comprehensive multimedia technology, which can transmit all-round product information and information to consumers Promotion information, etc.
to improve the appearance rate and display effect of products in the sales terminal.
to stimulate impulse buying.
it is placed next to the products in the store.
it can be automatically opened for publicity.
compared with other traditional media and promotion methods.
the investment is extremely low, Liquid crystal display is a kind of material between solid and liquid.
it is an organic compound with regular molecular arrangement. If heated, it will appear transparent liquid state, When it is cooled, it will appear the turbid solid state of crystalline particles.
because of this characteristic, it is called liquid crystal.
the molecular structure of liquid crystal used in liquid crystal display is similar to that of thin matchstick.
it is called nematic liquid crystal, The liquid crystal display made of this kind of liquid crystal is also called liquid crystal display.
and the liquid crystal TV is in the liquid crystal between two pieces of glass.
voltage is added to reappear the picture through the change of molecular arrangement and zigzag change. The screen creates the picture through the collision of electron group and forms the picture through the perspective reflection of external light.
the screen is made of liquid crystal display.
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