What's the difference between LCD TV and ordinary LCD?
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1) The resolution is different. The resolution of LCD TV screen is usually 1366x768 or 1920x1080. LCD TV only supports three computer signal formats: 640x480 / 60Hz, 800x600 / 60Hz and 1024x768 / 60Hz; Ordinary computer LCD is usually 1024x7681440x900 and so on, with a variety of display formats and refresh rate
2) different brightness. The brightness of LCD TV screen can reach 500nit; And the brightness of computer LCD is generally not more than 300 nit
3) the response time is different. The response time of LCD TV screen is less than 8 ms; The response time of LCD is longer
4) the image quality is different. When LCD TV is used as computer screen, the signal will be processed by contrast, chroma and noise reduction; And the computer LCD doesn't do that. As long as it is a liquid crystal display, the display principle is the same

What's the difference between LCD TV and ordinary LCD?

it's just that the TV box has been integrated into the display used for watching TV. As long as the video cable is plugged in, you can watch TV directly, and the size is generally larger. If the monitor has a VGA or DVI interface, it can be directly used as a computer monitor
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