How to clean LCD TV screen?
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Maintenance of LCD
How to maintain the LCD has attracted more and more consumers' attention.

How to clean LCD TV screen?

this reporter interviewed LG Electronics, a professional LCD manufacturer, Ask their engineers to provide us with some good suggestions.

with the increasingly mature LCD technology and the gradual popularization of price, LCD began to stride into the field of ordinary consumption.
many people's desktop displays have been upgraded, The number of liquid crystal displays in the market is rising rapidly.
therefore, how to maintain and maintain liquid crystal displays has been concerned by more and more consumers.
this reporter interviewed LG Electronics, a professional manufacturer of liquid crystal displays, Ask their engineers to give you some good suggestions that are worth learning.

expert suggestion 1: keep a dry working environment and avoid contact with chemicals.

you should know that water is the natural enemy of LCD. If the humidity is too high, the internal part of LCD will be dewed, and leakage and short circuit will occur after dewing, And the LCD will become blurred.
therefore, don't put the LCD in a wet place.
and don't let anything with moisture enter the LCD.
if you find that there is only fog on the screen surface before starting the machine.
gently wipe it with a soft cloth; If the moisture has entered the LCD, you can turn off the LCD, turn the LCD away from the sun, or use a desk lamp to bake and evaporate the moisture insideHowever, the LCD screen should not be exposed to the sun.
it will cause aging of components.
experts remind consumers.
international manufacturers such as LG pay great attention to after-sales service. If there is a serious moisture event, ordinary users had better contact the local brand after-sales service providers, It's safer to ask them for help.
more serious moisture will damage the components of LCD. When users power on the LCD with higher humidity, it will lead to the corrosion of the LCD electrode, causing permanent damage.

in addition.
hair gel and mosquito repellent frequently used in summer will also damage the liquid crystal molecules and even the whole display, This will shorten the life of the whole display, Therefore, the contact between the LCD and chemicals should be avoided as far as possible.

expert suggestion 2: try to avoid overloading the LCD for a long time.

first of all,
do not keep the LCD in a high brightness state for a long time.
the display mode of LCD is different from CRT.
the service life of backlight tube of LCD can be easily shortened if the screen is highlighted for a long time, So when you don't use it for a long time, The LCD should be turned off.
in addition.
in daily use, the brightness of the LCD can be adjusted properly.
these measures will greatly help to prolong the life of the LCD.

try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time.
the LCD will cause internal aging or burning out due to long-term work.
especially in long-term work When the same picture is displayed.
because the LCD works for a long time, it is easy to overheat some pixels.
when the LCD works for a long timeOnce the limit is exceeded, it will lead to permanent damage and can not be repaired.
this has formed the commonly known "bad spots"
because the pixels of LCD display are composed of liquid crystals.
therefore, when it works at full load for more than 96 hours continuously, it will accelerate its aging, and even burn out in serious cases.
therefore, experts remind consumers.
if the user has to work for a long time, It's better to let them have a rest intermittently, or change the content of the screen at different intervals; If you just leave for a while, you should start the screen saver, or turn the brightness of the display screen down, or turn it into a full white screen. This can not only delay the aging of the LCD screen, And it can avoid hardware damage.

expert suggestion 3: reduce unnecessary touch or vibration.

LCD screen is very fragile and delicate.
therefore, we should get rid of the bad habit of pointing at the screen with fingers.
because even a slight click may produce local bad points.
in serious cases, it may even form a black spot, It is easy to cause more bad points, which is an important reason why some users will find more and more bad points after using for a period of time.
there is another point to note.
the power consumption of LCD is relatively small, but the voltage of transformer behind LCD is still very high; Special attention should be paid to safety. Do not open the back cover of the monitor when it is charged.
even after the power failure.
the retained instantaneous voltage is very high. The CFL transformer in the background lighting assembly still has a high voltage of about 1000V, so it is better not to touch it at will.

not only that.
the anti-collision ability of the LCD is also relatively poor, Even with the latest products,The anti-collision performance is far less than that of CRT.
this is because LCD contains many precise glass elements and sensitive and delicate electrical elements.
once it is strongly impacted, it will cause damage to LCD screen, related components or circuits.
when people are moving LCD.
they often do not pay attention to grasping the screen to move, This may also damage the surface of the LCD.
therefore, experts strongly recommend that large impact force oscillation and pressure be avoided.

expert recommendation 4: properly remove the dirt on the surface of the LCD.

if dirt is found on the surface of the LCD.
the correct method should be used to remove it.
the best medium should be used They are soft, non fiber materials.
for example, absorbent cotton, lens paper or eyewear cloth, which can be cleaned with water in general; However, if the cleaning effect can not be effectively achieved, it is advisable to buy the special cleaning products for liquid crystal sold on the market.
some experts specially pointed out that consumers should not choose the cleaning solution containing ammonia, alcohol and inorganic salts for cleaning.

at present, the manufacturing technology of liquid crystal display attaches great importance to low radiation, anti reflection, anti glare, anti-static interference, anti-interference and so on Environmental protection and other design.
therefore, the manufacturing process of each component has undergone multiple protective treatments, such as multilayer mirror treatment, or coating more special polymer compounds.
these special chemicals are usually destroyed by some chemicals containing ammonia, alcohol and inorganic salts.
as a result, the display slowly loses its real optical transmittance, Or the color distortion caused by refraction and reflection, or the function of anti-interference and anti-static is reduced, which is not only harmful to the eyes, but also affects the display quality of the image,Moreover, the original protection function is also damaged, and the color and safety will be greatly reduced, so consumers have to be cautious.

expert suggestion 5: when encountering problems, you can't dismantle the LCD display by yourself.

because the LCD display is too precise.
it's also very delicate, so you can't replace the parts at will like the ordinary CRT display.
no matter what problems it has, Don't dismantle the LCD monitor by yourself, which is not the "game" scope of DIY; Once you suspect that the LCD is not working properly, you must find a professional manufacturer to help solve the problem.
experts remind consumers again.
because the CFL AC in the LCD backlight lighting module may still have 1000V high voltage (although it is micro current) after a certain time of shutdown, even if there is no harm to human body, it can be used for LCD, If non professionals can't deal with it properly, it may cause new component failure, and even cause the screen to be unable to work permanently.

the above are some important maintenance methods proposed by LG LCD engineers.
it can be seen from them.
LCD is indeed a very delicate high-end product, Its quality and performance require high manufacturing technology and process.
at the beginning of purchase, ordinary users had better choose some well-known brands. In particular, LG has recently made a promise that LCD displays will not be damaged, that is, there are neither bright spots nor dark spots, Philips also launched the same LCD products.
because they not only have excellent technology, but also have many after-sales outlets all over the country, and the service is more professional and high-quality, so users can buy more at ease,It's more comfortable.

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