LCD TV screen dirty how to clean?
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The TV screen is dusty. Don't wipe it with water. Just teach you one move
The TV screen is dusty, so don't wipe it with water, just teach you a way to clean the LCD TV screen:

LCD TV screen dirty how to clean?

1. You can't clean the LCD TV screen with clean water, because the liquid is easy to drip into the LCD TV, which will cause short circuit of the equipment circuit.
usually alcohol can dissolve some dirt that is not easy to wipe off.
you can use alcohol to clean the monitor shell, However, alcohol must not be used to clean the LCD screen, because the use of alcohol to wipe the display screen will dissolve the special coating on the surface of the LCD screen, causing adverse effects on the display effect.

2. When cleaning the dirt on the surface of the LCD screen.
you can use the special liquid crystal wiping cloth to spray an appropriate amount of non-ionic water, and then wipe it, So that the stains will not be found and the LCD screen will not be scratched.

3 The surface of the LCD screen looks like a solid black screen.
in fact, manufacturers will add a special coating on this layer of screen.
the main function of this special coating is to prevent users from being reflected and dazzled by other light sources when using it.
at the same time, it can enhance the color contrast effect of the LCD screen itself.
however, because of the coating materials used by various manufacturers The materials are different.
of course, the durability will be different.
therefore, users should not wipe the screen surface with any alkaline solution or chemical solution when cleaning.

extended data
1 There are three misunderstandings when ordinary consumers clean LCD screens:

mistake 1: wipe LCD screens with ordinary soft cloth or paper towel
never wipe LCD screens with ordinary soft cloth (such as eyeglass cloth) or paper towel.
for soft LCD screens, their surfaces are still too rough,It's easy to scratch the delicate LCD screen.

mistake 2: clean the LCD screen with clean water.
when clean with clean water.
liquid is easy to drip into the LCD TV, which will cause short circuit of the equipment circuit, The third mistake is to use alcohol and other chemical solvents to clean the LCD screen.
generally speaking.
alcohol is a common organic solvent, which can dissolve some dirt that can not be easily wiped off. If it is only used to clean the monitor shell, it can be used to clean the LCD screen, There is no adverse effect.
but alcohol must not be used to clean the LCD screen.
because today's LCD screens are coated with special coatings, so that the screen has a better display effect. Once alcohol is used to wipe the display screen, this special coating will dissolve, This kind of chemical agent is a devastating blow to the "proud" LCD panel.

2 Other problems should be paid attention to.
(1) long term use of plasma TV may cause local burn of the screen.
when the plasma screen is fixed in the same image position for a long time.
then the light emission state of each plasma chamber is constant, It will make the whole picture appear like a shadow.
we must not let the plasma TV freeze in the same picture for a long time. This kind of damage is sometimes irreparable, which is the biggest damage to the plasma TV.

(2) although the resolution of the flat panel TV can be adjusted by the user.
under the recommended display resolution, the flat panel TV has the best imaging effect, At the same time, it is also a kind of protection for the screen.
(3) HDMI interface has become the standard configuration of LCD TV.
one of its advantages is that it is easy to use, only one HDMI cable is needed, audio and video can be transmitted, and the interface design is very convenient, It can be easily plugged in and out.
but this brings a problem: HDMI interface does not support hot plug.
if you plug it in or out directly when it is turned on, it is easy to burn the chip of HDMI interface.
when you plug in and out HDMI cable, you must not plug it in hot. You must turn off the TV and HD player, (4) when the LCD TV needs to be cleaned or fails,
consumers should not dismantle it by themselves.
even when the switch is off, the CFL converter in the background lighting assembly of the TV may still have a high voltage of about 1000V, which can cause serious personal injury, even if there is no electric shock, The wrong operation may also cause the display screen to temporarily or permanently fail to work.
moreover, once the LCD TV is removed by itself,
it is very likely that it will no longer be able to enjoy after-sales service.
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