Is TFT screen LCD
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It's a drop
The TFT (thin film transistor) screen is also widely used in medium and high-end color screen mobile phones. It is divided into 65536 colors, 260000 colors and 1600000 colors, with excellent display effect

Is TFT screen LCD

the so-called QVGA LCD technology is that the resolution of the output on the LCD screen is 240 × 320 LCD output mode. This resolution has nothing to do with the size of the screen itself. For example, if the 2.1-inch LCD screen can display 240 × 320 resolution image is called "QVGA 2.1 inch LCD screen"; If the 3.8-inch LCD screen can display 240 × 320 image is called "QVGA 3.8 inch LCD". Although the above two cases have the same resolution, due to different sizes, the actual visual effect is also different. Generally speaking, a small screen will be more delicate.
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