LCD TV screen broken to change about how much?
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The price of LCD TV screen is about three fourths of the total price.
The price of LCD TV screen is about three-quarters of the total price.

LCD TV screen broken to change about how much?

for example, the price of 4000 yuan LCD TV screen is 3000 yuan.

the special property of LCD TV screen is that if an electric field is applied to the liquid crystal, its molecular arrangement will be changed. At this time, if a polarizing plate is used, it can prevent light from passing through (when no electric field is applied, light can pass through smoothly), If the color filter is used, the light transmittance of a certain color can be changed by changing the voltage applied to the LCD.

extended data:

thin body.
space saving:
compared with the bulky CRT, the LCD only needs one third of the space.

power saving.
does not produce high temperature:
it is a low power consumption product, The CRT display will inevitably generate high temperature due to the imaging technology.
by 2020, the maintenance cost of the machine will be more than half price.
for example, the maintenance cost of 5000 TV is about 2500.

If only the external protection screen is broken (the display is normal.
cracks can be seen), it can be replaced; If the LCD screen is broken (it can't display the screen normally), the cost of replacement is high, and the maintenance is of little significance.
LCD TV is expensive because of the LCD panel.
that is to say, the screen is about half of the price of the TV, If it is a good LCD panel, it will be more expensive.

extended data
pay attention to
try not to let the LCD TV work for a long time or continuously display the same picture.

Because the screen of LCD TV is formed by LCD pixel display.
LCD TV works for a long time, or always displays the same picture, which will make the LCD LED overheat and cause internal burn out.

when users do not watch TV, The display should be turned off or the brightness of the display should be turned down in time.
users should try to avoid watching CDs.
press the pause button to keep the screen displayed.
avoid hitting the screen.
because the LCD screen is very fragile.
to avoid strong shock and vibration, users should remind children not to practice impacting activities on TV.
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