What is the VFD display, and what are the advantages and disadvantages compared with LED and LCD? thank you
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Vacuum fluorescent display
Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) is a display device developed from vacuum electron tube. It is composed of cathode emitting electrons (directly heated, collectively referred to as filament), grid to accelerate the control of electron flow, anode printed with electrode and phosphor on glass substrate, grid and glass cover, It is a self luminous display device.

What is the VFD display, and what are the advantages and disadvantages compared with LED and LCD? thank you

compared with LED and LCD.
because it can do multi-color display with high brightness and is not affected by the surrounding environment, it can also emit bright luster even at night.

the service life of VFD is more than 30000 hours of continuous working life.
that is, it can continue to work for more than 10 years, which is better than that of LCD and LCD The life of LED is almost twice as long.

VFD fluorescent display screen.
because of its high brightness, multi color, long life, anti-interference, high brightness and other characteristics, VFD fluorescent display screen is widely used in all kinds of household appliances, weighing apparatus, electronic instruments, military industry and many other fields.
LED display screen: advantages: good monochromaticity, narrow spectrum, low power consumption, long life, low heating, non radiation, large viewing angle, low power consumption, low power consumption, low power consumption, long service life It can make a large area of display screen.
the disadvantage is: the price is high.
it is not suitable for making a small display screen.
generally, it is used outdoors more.
it has monochrome, two-color, full-color, and is most suitable for outdoor advertising, especially for large display screen, with an area of hundreds of square meters or even more.
LCD: also known as LCD.
you should know, such as computer, TV, Or some medical devices or other devices can use LCD, compared with LED, the advantage is that the area is small, LED is very difficult to do, and the LED display is more eye injury,Although there are many LED backlight displays, I don't think much of them. The disadvantage is that they can't make large displays.
VFD has the following features: self luminous, clear display, easy to realize multi-color display, large degree of freedom in graphic design, low working voltage, and high reliability (good environmental adaptability).
it is generally used in: Automobile VFD panel, household appliance VFD panel, audio VFD panel for VTR, VFD panel for transaction machine, VFD panel for measuring instrument and VFD panel for communication equipment.
I don't think there's much to compare with VFD.
it depends on where it is used.
in this article, I'll give a brief introduction to VFD
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