How to install the large stage LCD
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Installation mode of display screen
Installation method of display screen body

How to install the large stage LCD

I. installation method of indoor display screen
1) hanging (wall mounted) is suitable for display screen less than 10 square meters. The wall is required to be a solid wall or a concrete beam at the suspension. Hollow brick or simple partition are not suitable for this installation method
2) the rack mounting is suitable for display screens over 10 square meters and easy to maintain. Other specific requirements are the same as wall mounting
3) hoisting: it is suitable for the display screen less than 10 square meters. This installation method must have a suitable installation place, such as the place with a cross beam or lintel above. And the screen generally needs to add a back cover.
4) mount: removable mount: it refers to the mount which is processed separately. Fixed mount: refers to a fixed mount that is connected with the floor or wall 2) column type
3) inlay type
4) roof type
the general installation method is to fix the screw on the wall, in the fixed frame, install the screen in the frame, connect the power line, arrange the line, light up and debug<

the specific construction scheme has to be asked by the engineering team!
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