What is the size of LCD TV for advertisement
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If it's a aisle, 1.5 * 1.0 should be the same. Generally, LCD has a short life. It takes about 5.6 years, but it's just for advertising. If the time is longer, as long as there is no hardware damage, it's OK
If it's a aisle, 1.5 * 1.0 should be the same. Generally, LCD has a short life. It takes about 5.6 years, but it's just for advertising. If it takes longer, it's ok as long as there's no hardware damage. From the appearance, the plasma TV is light and thin with a wide screen The picture is clear.

What is the size of LCD TV for advertisement

"thin" is a major feature of plasma TV.
a 60-70 inch TV is only 67 cm thick; In addition,
it has a wide perspective (up to 180 degrees); Secondly, technically speaking, plasma TV adopts digital display mode, which is conducive to improving the clarity of imaging.
at present, plasma TV can convert analog signal into digital signal; Moreover, its driving voltage is superior to that of previous TVs.
it can be used to watch TV, VCD and DVD, as well as to watch digital TV and receive satellite TV on the Internet, making it the first choice for home theater.
in addition,
plasma TV has rich and easy-to-use interfaces, which can be connected to personal computers, mobile phones and other devices However, at present, the technology of plasma TV is not perfect.
there are still some defects in some aspects.
for example, the power consumption is large.
it is usually more than 300W, and it is a big power consumer in household appliances; It has no competitive advantage in the resolution, contrast and resolution of panel image quality; The problem of heat dissipation is still difficult to solve.
at the present technical level.
compared with plasma TV, LCD TV has certain advantages.
with its ultra-thin, clear, environmental protection and energy saving features, LCD TV has become another main product in the high-end color TV market.
LCD TV has no flicker and radiation.
it can reduce people's visual fatigue; It has rich interfaces and can connect computers, DVDs and other audio and video devices, which can meet the needs of digital TV broadcasting in the futureThe color of LCD TV is richer than that of plasma TV.
the power consumption of LCD TV is only 1 / 3 of that of plasma TV; Generally, the life of LCD TV is about 60000 hours, twice that of plasma; The new generation of LCD TV is also superior to plasma in high brightness and high contrast.
an excellent LCD TV must have excellent performance in brightness, contrast, resolution and viewing angle.
like plasma TV, LCD TV has no flicker, thin thickness, high resolution and high contrast It's light weight.
but it's not as good as plasma in large screen.
in large screen high-end TV market.
plasma has inherent advantages in technology and price, so it once had the advantages of "plasma is bigger, plasma is bigger, plasma is bigger, plasma is bigger, plasma is bigger, plasma is bigger 30 inch liquid crystal has always been considered as the boundary between liquid crystal and plasma TV.
because liquid crystal (LCD) is a kind of organic compound between solid and liquid.
it has regular molecular arrangement.
under the action of different current and electric fields.
liquid crystal molecules will rotate 90 degrees regularly, resulting in different light transmittance, In this way, the difference between light and dark can be generated under the power switch, and each pixel can be controlled according to this principle to form the required image.
LCD TV is made with this principle.
therefore, it is difficult to make LCD TV bigger in technology.
however, in recent years.
with the development of science and technology, LCD TV has also begun to develop towards large screen.
soon after the launch of the world's largest 46 inch LCD TV.
recently, the 50 inch LCD TV on display in the United States set a new record.
in terms of price.
which one is better? Generally speaking, under the condition of the same specifications and models, the price of large screen LCD is generally higher than that of plasma, while the price of small screen is lower.
in the popular 30-34 inch TVs.
the price of large screen LCD is higher than that of plasmaThe price of LCD screen is falling faster than that of plasma screen.
in the West.
LCD TV has penetrated into the kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms of many families, fully showing the advantages of ultra-thin, wall mounted, flat and power saving of LCD TV.
in the west, LCD TV is widely used in kitchen, living room and bathroom
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