What does the a + screen of LCD mean
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LCD TV with LCD screen is better.
LCD TV is better than LCD TV.

LCD is a type of display used in digital clocks and many portable computers.

What does the a + screen of LCD mean

LCD uses two pieces of polarizing material.
between them is a liquid crystal solution.
when electric current passes through the liquid, the crystals rearrange.
so that light cannot pass through them.
each crystal is like a hundred The development of LCD technology is just in line with the current trend of information products.
right angle display, low power consumption, small size, zero radiation and other advantages can make users enjoy the best visual environment.

plasma display panel is also called plasma display, It is a kind of flat display screen, the light is emitted from the ions between two pieces of glass to phosphorus.
the emitted gas has no mercury component.
instead, it is made of inert gas neon and xenon, which is harmless gas.
the plasma display screen does not need to be viewed in a dark environment.
and there is no problem of viewing angle, The best picture quality can be seen at any position of the plasma display screen.
when viewing in a bright environment,
the brightness ratio is slightly lower than that of the LCD.
when the static plasma display screen is displayed for a long time,
it is easy to generate residual shadow when the screen is switched.
it consumes a lot of power.
and it is easy to generate high heat when displaying, The problem of heat dissipation must be considered.

a screen (also known as standard screen) and a + screen (also known as perfect screen) are of the same grade.
a screen is a qualified standard screen stipulated by the state, with three or less bright / dark spots,There is no line on the screen, and the points of screen a are all in the corner position, which is difficult to find without observation; A perfect screen is a screen without any defects.
it is a screen without any defects.
A is a screen with three internal defects. Generally, high-quality displays are made of screens with a or above. At present, with the development of science and technology, LCD basically has no defects,
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