How to see whether the display is LCD or LED or LCD
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The simplest is thickness
The simplest way to see the thickness of LCD is through the light tube, So if you buy a thin monitor, it must be led, no doubt.
we sell TVs as thin as LED, and no LCD is thin.
in addition, the cost of LCD is higher than that of LED, so we can't find LCD now.

How to see whether the display is LCD or LED or LCD

unless it's a basic product or a second-hand product, the owner should not know the concept very well, It is recommended to take a look at
"what is LCD, what is led, and what is the difference between LCD and LED screen"
now there are two kinds of common displays, LCD and led. In fact, LED display refers to the LCD with LED (light emitting diode) lamp as the backlight, and LCD refers to the LCD with CCFL as the backlight. Both are LCD screens, but the backlight source is different (related to the structure of LCD screen, no further explanation)

to distinguish whether the display is LCD or LED, please refer to the following

1. The LED has a large viewing angle, and the image will not become very dim when viewed from the side, even the same as the negative film of the film, while the general LCD screen will change color

2. The response speed is fast, and the image will not be dragged in the process of moving. Generally, the LCD handles dynamic images, and the more dynamic the dragging is, the more obvious the blur will be

3. High brightness, LED screen is very bright, much brighter than ordinary LCD screen, and can be seen clearly in the sun

4. The LED screen is thinner than the LCD screen.
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