What is the difference between TV TFT screen and LED screen
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1. Different application places
1. Different application places
TFT screen is one of the LCD screens, such as LCD TV, LCD computer display, mobile phone display, which is a passive display.

What is the difference between TV TFT screen and LED screen

LED screen is applied to LED display in sports venues, LED display outside shopping malls, LED display in banks and various stores.
it is an active display.

2 The principle is different.
the TFT screen is the light of the back light source.
the angle of the liquid crystal molecules in the film is controlled by the voltage of the ITO circuit of the LCD two-layer glass to display various colors and images.
it can be made in very small size.
it is difficult to make in large size,

the LED screen is driven by the driving circuit.
through the control card to control the current of each LED in each driving unit, control the bright time of each LED tube, etc., to display various colors and images.
large size can be made.
it is difficult to make small size, high brightness, etc.
it is difficult to make small size  <

extended information:
clean the TFT LCD screen
1. Turn off the LCD power first.
and remove the power cord plug and the graphics card connector plug.

2. Move the LCD to a place with better natural light.
in order to see the dust clearly, which is more conducive to some shooting, so as to achieve better cleaning effect.

3 It doesn't need any special solution or cloth to clean TFT LCD.
experience tells us that water + soft velvet free cloth or pure cotton velvet free cloth is the best cleaning tool for TFT LCD (no scraping paper towel is OK).

during cleaning, pure cotton velvet free cloth can be dipped in clean water and then slightly wrung dry.
when cleaning, clean TFT LCD with pure cotton velvet free clothThen gently wipe the dust on the display screen with a slightly wet soft fluffless wet cloth (do not squeeze the display screen with force). When wiping, it is recommended to wipe the dust from one side of the display screen to the other side until it is completely wiped clean, Don't wave around.

reference sources:
Baidu Encyclopedia - TFT screen
Baidu Encyclopedia - LED screen TFT is also known as LCD panel
LED screen also uses TFT LCD panel
the only difference is the backlight (LCD panel won't emit light)

ordinary TFT generally uses cold cathode fluorescent tube (CCFL) for backlight
LED TFT is used White LED technology for backlighting

LED backlighting:
the screen is ultra-thin (side emitting LED) and side emitting.
the whole screen is illuminated through the light guide plate, and the straight down LED has no such advantages
instant lighting and no delay
relatively low power consumption and low heat generation. The LED efficiency is generally higher than 100lm / W, and CCFL is about 60-90lm / W
long service life (100000 hours) only for straight down led, Due to poor heat dissipation and short service life, the side emitting LED is not bright in color, especially the green loss is large (for white LED screen, the green spectrum of white LED is very small.
high end RGB screen or direct down LED screen has no such disadvantage.
it seems that sharp's direct down LED screen is 4-color enhanced, so it is recommended to buy it)
because it is dot emitting, the brightness is often uneven, When you buy a TV, you must set the brightness contrast to the minimum, play the full screen white picture, and try to choose the brand with uniform brightness. Now there is no LED screen without CCFL backlight:
the color is bright and true (3-color phosphor,High end machine even has 4-color enhanced color, with color rendering of 100%, and white LED technology has only about 80%)
low price
better uniformity of screen light
mature technology
short life (only about 10000 hours)
slightly high power consumption, slightly high heating
lighting delay, need to preheat, especially in winter (low brightness of screen after starting on cold days, If you think that power saving and service life are more important, you can choose the straight down led TFT LCD TV
if you think that the picture is bright, the brightness is uniform, and the maintenance cost is low, you can choose the traditional CCFL TFT LCD TV
don't pursue the light and thin, buy the side LED LCD, buy the absolute cup, At least now,

recently, the LED backlight is quite popular, and its performance is not good. I insist on buying it. I suggest that by the end of this year, the price difference between LED and CCFL backlight will be basically reduced to less than 500 yuan,
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