What's the advantage of high score screen????
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LCD occupies a small area, low radiation, beautiful appearance, but because of its high brightness, it is easier to make eyes tired
LCD has the advantages of small footprint, low radiation and beautiful appearance, but because of its high brightness, it is easier to make eyes tired.

according to a recent survey by macwelt, a German authoritative computer magazine, although the radiation of LCD is much smaller than that of ordinary display, it is easier to make our eyes tired because of its high brightness, It may even lead to headache and other symptoms.

What's the advantage of high score screen????

in the survey.
researchers tested 10 different brands of 19 inch LCD screens, including desktop computers, There are also laptops.
they found that all the tested LCDs have the problem of "too high brightness.
the researchers pointed out that when the brightness of the display reaches 100cd per square meter (that is, the luminous intensity unit" candela "), the, The light intensity of the liquid crystal displays they tested is more than 300cd per square meter, and some even reach 400cd-500cd.

according to Dr. weihain, a German computer expert who conducted the survey, This problem also exists in LCD TVs.
in order to increase the clarity of these LCD screens,
in addition to improving the brightness by the light tube behind the screen, special "polishing technology" is also widely used to make the surface of the screen look like a piece of glass, which is very qualitative, It also improves the color contrast and saturation of the screen.
it will also reflect light like glass.
especially when the light shines on the screen.
it will increase the light reflection.
consumers using this kind of display screen are easy to be "stabbed" by the light, and produce the symptoms of eye fatigue, which will gradually lead to the health problems of vision decline and headache.
this kind of display screen can also improve the color contrast and saturation of the screen.
it can also reflect light like glass.
especially when the light shines on the screen.
it will increase the light reflection

how to prevent the damage of LCD to eyes? Dr. weihain proposed that, first of all, in order to prevent light reflection, when using a computer, the distance between our eyes and the screen should be about 60 cm.
generally, LCD has the function of brightness adjustment. When using it, we can adjust the brightness as low as possible.
we might as well stick a protective film on the LCD to prevent light reflection, This can not only prevent damage to the LCD screen, but also prevent light reflection and vertigo.
in addition,
for those who are ready to update their computers, they may as well choose the new LCD screen with low reflection LCD technology on the market, The 17 inch LCD screen is the best choice to protect eyesight and sitting comfort.
in short, the resolution of the same size is different.
for example, the 15 inch LCD screen has 1280 * 800 and 1024 * 768, so the low resolution point distance is larger, Word is also larger, the advantages and disadvantages of high score screen analysis! First of all, the high score screen has higher requirements for the performance of the graphics card, which leads to higher requirements for the overall configuration of the computer. This is an important reason why high-end machines use high scores.
advantages: the screen can see more.
the working area is increased, and more content can be displayed at the same time, so that users can perform multiple tasks at the same time without frequent switching, Especially Photoshop Image processing.
suitable for graphics processing.
game! It's more comfortable to watch movies! Disadvantages: some people will feel dizzy! be harmful to eyes! Font display is too small, many people are difficult to adapt! Can be corrected by adjusting the font! however,Some software will deform! For example: eclipse; Some software fonts don't change with the operating system (QQ, etc.). In a word, it pursues high score screen excessively and ignores its actual needs.
in terms of purpose.
if you want to do multimedia operations such as 3D drawing, or like to play games, then choose high score! If you don't have good eyes and have to do a lot of writing work, it's suggested to use ordinary split screen / the origin of this misunderstanding comes from the blind worship of high-end machines. In fact, many people who are chasing high score screens don't know the meaning of high score screens, And many people ignore a major problem of high score screen models: the embarrassment of 3D games.
according to my experience.
in the default settings of windows, about 30% of people will easily adapt to the small font of high score screen and like its delicate feeling. It takes about a week for 30% of people to get used to it (if they are willing to try), After getting used to it, they feel that the general XGA resolution screen is "rough". Another 40% of the people really can't adapt to it. After watching the high resolution screen for a long time, they feel dizzy and even nauseous
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